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CHOUT 03.21.2006 08:57 PM

I'm in a duo called Small White, and we currently use drum machines for timekeeping, though I think we finally found a drummer who is quite great.

I play both guitar and bass in the band, since we both write songs and switch instruments. I never wanted to be in a band that switches instruments, but it makes for some nice variety.

We don't try to sound like anything in particular, but I guess we would both agree that R.E.M. and Sonic Youth are two of our biggest influences.


I also do my own recordings, which I like to call my 'one man band' rather than 'solo'.


I also have a homemade label where I sell a bunch of mine and my
friends' cds for cheap prices.


Jt 03.21.2006 09:17 PM


Originally Posted by noumenal
My one man band is called Shitspoon.

Electric cello and guitar.

Obtuse... :P

For drum programming, I'd look at either Reason (obviously) or FruityLoops (better for my purposes). They take VSTi instruments, do sampling, offer a shit-load of features, allow sequencing... worth checking out.

I use SoundForge to edit mainly.

Of course, you'll be using trial versions of all of these programs. ...Naturally.

HaydenAsche 03.21.2006 09:25 PM

Nah, you can get full versions off of Limewire.

soapbars 03.21.2006 09:48 PM

i play guitar for the oxfam glamour models

and ive been involved in loads of sideprojects im currently working on a solo thing called this colour is mine, which is sort of hard to describe,

marleypumpkin 03.21.2006 10:29 PM

Not in a band, I just write my own songs, perform (guitar, bass, drums) & record them.

Inhuman 03.21.2006 10:30 PM

I'm in a band that I just play for because I like playing guitar. I don't actually like the stuff we produce, but hey, it's good experience.

marleypumpkin 03.21.2006 10:31 PM

I'm gonna call my solo, one man band, Dislodgement.

John Violence 03.21.2006 10:37 PM

I didn't realize CHOUT was in small white. You guys are good! I play guitar in a band called Sone.

noumenal 03.21.2006 11:10 PM


Originally Posted by Jt
Obtuse... :P

I don't get it. Are you calling me stupid?:confused:

HaydenAsche 03.21.2006 11:16 PM

Inhuman, you look like a total hxc kid. Are you scene as all hell?

Savage Clone 03.21.2006 11:33 PM

My music resume, compiled recently so I don't forget stuff with my old age:

Red Ampersand- Camera Obscura 1997
Red Mantra- Camera Obscura 1998
Birds Of Appetite- Camera Obscura 2003
Bent Hemlock- Camera Obscura 2005

From The Vault- Camera Lucida (pre-recorded feature piece for KFJC Radio) 1999 (100 copies)
Reclaiming The Language - A Mutant Music Silver Series release 2006 (100 copies)

Birds Of Appetite- Camera Obscura 2001 2xLP
Live at SOO Gallery- Mutant Music 2002

Compilation Appearances:
Serotonin Ronin- Camera Obscura "Hazy" 1998
Serotonin Ronin II- Camera Obscura "Old Mister Jones" 1999
Hand/Eye- Hand/Eye "Ghost Riders In The Sky" 2003
WFMU Compilation 2000 "More Music, Less Parking:"
"La Fievre" (huge group amalgam with Overhang Party, Primordial Undermind and Salamander all participating) 2000

Skye Klad
Skye Klad- Mutant Music 2001
Skye Klad II- Mutant Music 2002
Skye Klad Plays The Musick Of Cupid's Orkustra Asleep Within The Magick Powerhouse Of Oz- Hand/Eye 2004

subZero- Skye Klad live at Soap Factory, 24 Feb 2001
A Mutant Music Silver Series release

CDR Single:
Mind's Eye/ Kindred Raga- private 1999 (30 copies)

Compilation Appearances:
Hand/Eye- Hand/Eye "Widdershins" 2003
Hungry Ghosts- Mutant Music "AWAKE!" 2004
Twin Town High "Mind's Eye" 2001
Hard Times All Around "Vespers" (live) 2001

Gentle Tasaday
In The Mind's Eye Of A Blind Tasaday- Camera Obscura 1998

Lathe Cut 10":
Trouble At The Caves- private 1994, split EP w/ Revival Time Choir, edition of 50

Compilation Appearances:
For The Dead In Space vols II and III (Tom Rapp Tribute)- Secret Eye "Snow Queen" 2004
Serotonin Ronin II- Camera Obscura "Walking On Coals to the Coldest Despair" 1999


The Transparent World- Hand/Eye 2002

S/T- Asymmetry/Stick It To The Man 2000 (100 copies)
Hypnography- Stick It To The Man 2003 (100 copies)
Narwhal- Stick It To The Man 2004 (100 copies)

Compilation Appearance:
Hungry Ghosts- Mutant Music "Flooded Forest" 2004

Dorothy Flight Pattern
Compilation appearance:
Serotonin Ronin- Camera Obscura "We Watched Them" 1998

S/T- Last Visible Dog 1999

Forgotten Works (solo project)
"Two Miles Long and Green" 2005

Played on:
Vortex Navigation Company: Things Make Patterns As They Fall- Camera Obscura 1998
The Satyrswitch: The High Lonesome Sound of The Satyrswitch- Camera Obscura 2004
Stone Breath: The Long Forgotten Friend- Perun (Poland) 2004
The Amputease: Rape- E/F tapes C60 1995

hey alex 03.22.2006 12:55 AM

I have my 4-track project, electric kites
Someone on the old board said it "sucks with potential" and that'sa bout right. I play everything and what not... and once I get around to doing some more recording I'll start talking about it again.

I jammed with some friends today and it was really awesome. We got this one very yo la tengo-like groove going on that we jammed on for like 10 minutes, and with barely changing the bass line ^_^. Next time we jam I'm setting up my 4-track.

Everyneurotic 03.22.2006 01:04 AM

skye clad and salamander rock!!!

krastian 03.22.2006 01:36 AM

Fuck yes.....even though we have been on and off for the past 5 years.....I play drums.

A Thousand Threads 03.22.2006 02:38 AM

my band:

i play guitar and sing

Trasher02 03.22.2006 08:16 AM

Edited this embarrasment.

contrelefuckingsexisme 03.22.2006 08:31 AM

si, i kind of do. I have projects, not bands i guess.
Freeze Starpek; Noises from the Flora & Fauna; and my personal stuff too.

nicfit 03.22.2006 11:05 AM

i play bass in my pop-post rock band Bezdomnyj website till now,i'll keep you updated (if you want...)

Rob Instigator 03.22.2006 01:06 PM

I have always wanted to be in a band. I played cello for 7 years. I can play the bass.
My friend willord who is the new bassist for P.M.R.C. (out of houston) 95868
is teaching me Misfits bass, so I can join his Misfits cover band. so far it is just two of us, but I will be singing and playing bass. I cannot wait!!!!

Everyneurotic 03.22.2006 01:11 PM

"i'll do anything to exterminate the whole human race"

good luck cheeto-lay!!

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