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max 07.11.2006 06:29 PM

just wanted you guys to know that a new song taken from the newly released INTRODUCING APOPHENIA demo is now online... come check it out in our profile and let us know what you think...

we also have new pics in the gallery...

cheers + kudos for your extended support!

max + the recs of the flesh

max 07.11.2006 07:23 PM

you talkin' to me??? you talkin' tah me???
if so well thanx buddy. really thanxalot!

Head On 07.12.2006 07:14 AM

I play in indie band called Mooncake. Our only one recorded demo is closer to some pop-rock and totally sucks (due to vocals), but anyway here's the link Anyhow in some weeks we're gonna delete the songs from MySpace, cause a month ago we broke up, so now I and my friend guitarplayer are looking for new musicians... We have some material that is very close to what SY did on Murray Street and Sonic Nurse, but in our country it's utopia to find someone who would want to play music like SY :).

contrelefuckingsexisme 07.12.2006 06:31 PM

yeah, kinda.
i have projects, not bands. and i also do stuff by myself.

contrelefuckingsexisme 07.12.2006 09:32 PM - Starla. - Noises from the Flora & Fauna which is me + Karl (Cheap Relative Steel: ). - Freeze Starpek

afterthefact 07.16.2006 12:41 AM

sort of, me and this guy who just moved out here from LA are working on some stuff. it's slow going, cause he's got a fam, plus we are trying to do stuff with different time signatures and "epic" (if you want to call it that, don't feel obligated) stuff, not just chorus, verse, chorus, verse stuff. speaking of which, RdTv, we need a drummer, and come on, it's not that far of a drive...

acousticrock87 07.20.2006 01:34 PM

I love the Jazz Smoke song. Great work.

raging_nelly 07.20.2006 03:06 PM

My band, in all its crazy upper and lower cased letterings...

aNNa jAponicA
(All you need to know!)

There's not much on there and the video recordings are a bit rubbish... but we've got better since then! Honest!

hairsprayxqueen 07.20.2006 03:24 PM

leading edge
sort of like sonic youth, smashing pumpkins, nirvana, with a newere twist. were not trying to sound like them or anything but take there sounds and mold them into our one sound.

afterthefact 07.22.2006 03:57 PM

3 bands, 4 if you count my stuff with RdTv, but I moved about na hour away from him, so we don't get to jam too much anymore :(
of all the stuff I do, that was my favorite stuff, just went everywhere with the music; noise, funk, punk, indie, whatever, we did it all

the stuff I'm into now is cool too I guess. me and this one dude are doing a lot of stuff just on computer, it sounds like a mix between TV on the Radio and m83. then I'm just in a typical rock band, just cause they need me to be (not bragging, but it's just that I'm about the only one who knows anything about music between the 3 of us). then I'm doing this stuff with this dude from LA who just moved out here, it's great stuff. Kinda like if Jeff Buckley and Portishead got together and made latin acid jazz. Just picture it :)

Danny Himself 07.22.2006 04:57 PM

I'm in Wrong About Japan. We're going to define shitcore, before moving on from shitcore when it becomes popular and then denying any part in it's creation.

afterthefact 07.22.2006 05:02 PM


Originally Posted by Danny Himself
I'm in Wrong About Japan. We're going to define shitcore, before moving on from shitcore when it becomes popular and then denying any part in it's creation.

hey, that's how it must be done...

Lipslikewindows 07.24.2006 02:14 PM

there are some kinks in the site as it just got redone and put up two days ago. still working it out. if you scroll down, you'll find the mp3's off our new EP, "Teenage Cop". For some reason the main menu on the right isn't working right now.


kingcoffee 07.27.2006 11:27 PM


Originally Posted by Alex's Trip
No, unfortunately. I really want to though. No one likes any of the same music I do, and when I try to get a band together with them anyway, they don't follow through.

I know exatly how you feel, man. Almost all of the people I knwo who play instruments and are even the slight bit interested in playing in a band have shitty taste in music. They don't match up with me at all. Just recently, I tried to pull my friend Billy (who used to be a good guitarist before he quit playing) into this pseudo-band (we're trying to get some people) that some of us are trying to form. He said he'd be interested, but I know for a fact his musical preferences are kinda crummy and differ greatly from my own. He has no idea who Sonic Youth is (let alone all of the other indie/alternative/good rock bands I listen to) and the closest he's ever come to hearing anything close to my musical preferences would be Nirvana, which he isn't a big fan of. Shit just doesn't work out the way you want. I only know a couple of other people who like the same music that I do and one is 13 years older than me and is also my guitar teacher. But he already has a full-time job, a house, mortgage, family, and a band of his own so he wouldn't be interested in hanging out with a bunch of young college students who are mediocre musicians.

kingcoffee 07.27.2006 11:27 PM

Sigh, I guess some things just aren't meant to be right now.

drrrtyboots 07.27.2006 11:39 PM


Originally Posted by kingcoffee
Sigh, I guess some things just aren't meant to be right now.

Just brainwash some bitches man. And i know how it is too, fucking boring people all playing the same music around me and running as soon as they hear something a little different.

buzz mutt 08.08.2006 02:34 PM

I'm in a band called Static Mind Fi. I play the six string and sing, computer stuff as well..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, If anyone is in the bay area, or west coast, and want's to play a show.....let us know. where new so we looking for places to play......

Ono Soul 08.09.2006 11:46 AM
(you can hear a couple of my studio tracks here)
(you can hear some live stuff here)

Forensic Scene 08.10.2006 11:22 AM

its my signature, please check it out and be our friend. We need all the support we can get. also more songs are coming.

Zebu 08.13.2006 07:07 PM




bye bye

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