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sergisonic 08.05.2008 03:23 PM

sonic youth @ leucate

setlist (not yet in order)

the sprawl
bull in the heather
burning spear
drunken butterfly
hey joni
the wonder/hyperstation
eric's trip
jam runs free
pink steam
teenage riot
brother james

(incredible sound, amazing versions of the burning spear, schizophrenia, bull in the heather,brother james, the sprawl without the outro, etc etc etc... later... :-) )

greenlight 08.05.2008 04:27 PM

thanks for setlist!

SYRFox 08.05.2008 04:27 PM

A friend of mine got there and was disappointed, he told me the sound was not loud enough :confused:

sergisonic 08.12.2008 08:50 AM

recordings of the show???

sergisonic 09.02.2008 02:37 AM

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