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The Soup Nazi 11.01.2020 06:53 PM


Originally Posted by Antagon
Halfway through Sing The Children Over. Pure raw emotion. Perfect for a dreary November afternoon like this one. This is sublime.

Told ya. :) I haven't heard Sing The Children Over, though - so far I've had the chance to listen to Sand In My Shoe, Restless Faithful Desperate and Moonlight.

The Soup Nazi 11.01.2020 11:07 PM


_tunic_ 11.02.2020 10:47 AM


State Of The Union (Pirate Punk Remix)


We wanted to get this collaboration out to the public before the weekend, but Label bureaucracy couldn't get it together.


This collaboration with PUBLIC ENEMY mashing my song "Pirate Punk Politician" with "State Of The Union (STFU)" by Public Enemy was made to shine a light on the US Election, while Raising Money for the ACLU Voting Rights Project

So take it in... before legal takes it down on us. Then go forth and VOTE VOTE VOTE -PF

choc e-Claire 11.03.2020 05:17 AM


By the Smashing Pumpkins, this being the weird electronic rock excursion that most every band did in the late 90s. A bit quiet for my tastes in general, but not bad.

Antagon 11.03.2020 07:18 PM


Antagon 11.04.2020 04:31 PM


Antagon 11.04.2020 06:04 PM


The Soup Nazi 11.05.2020 09:45 AM


Originally Posted by Antagon


Incidentally, Vera Lynn died just about five months ago at the age of 103. I know "The Yip Song" is not on Fegmania!, but still...

Antagon 11.05.2020 03:27 PM


Originally Posted by The Soup Nazi
Incidentally, Vera Lynn died just about five months ago at the age of 103. I know "The Yip Song" is not on Fegmania!, but still...

I remember reading she was still alive about a year ago, which absolutely blew my mind. So many decorated artists from much younger generations had passed away within the last few years, but the original proto-pop singer who'd been on the scene during WWII was still alive and kicking.

Experienced a similar sensation when I saw Marhall Allen absolutely killing it on the sax with the Arkestra at the age of 94.

Antagon 11.05.2020 03:29 PM


Took me some time to get around to listen to this. It's perfectly fine. But I'm not completely taken in.

Edit: Had it running in a dormant window and only realized in the last few minutes that the official YouTube link is actually connected to a simple picturebook-style video. I'm usually a proponent of letting the music speak for itself, but this visual aspect actually enhanced the experience a bit. Those two aspects work nicely in tandem.

The Soup Nazi 11.05.2020 03:42 PM


Originally Posted by Antagon
Experienced a similar sensation when I saw Marshall Allen absolutely killing it on the sax with the Arkestra at the age of 94.

And way back in the day, when he was barely 85 :), he killed it live with Caribou (in their "Caribou Vibration Ensemble" guise at All Tomorrow's Parties)! AND it's available for a name-your-price via Bandcamp:

Bytor Peltor 11.06.2020 05:13 PM

Stereo speakers in the window facing outside cranking this as I sit out under a beautiful billowy cloud covered sky in Texas on a Friday afternoon. I’ll soon be firing up the grill for steaks and potatoes and we’ll be enjoying a Friday night fire. Not near as cold as it was just a couple of nights ago, but it’s going to be a fantastic weekend!!!

Jeffrey Alexander & The Heavy Lidders - Blown Out Zone Out

The Soup Nazi 11.06.2020 05:21 PM


M. Ward - Transistor Radio

Bytor Peltor 11.07.2020 03:46 PM


g. 11.08.2020 04:59 AM

SYR 3 on my turntable right now.

NYCgaf16 11.09.2020 06:37 AM

recently i made myself a playlist with some heavy music. Metallica, TOOL, Swans, Soundgarden, Green River and Kyuss mainly.

gotta listen to Lateralus again

_slavo_ 11.09.2020 01:44 PM


greenlight 11.09.2020 05:24 PM

I had it on repeat all day. you probably know the band. I never knew this band existed until concidence (no, not the algorithms this time :) ) brought me to it. I was never much into shoe gaze, but this is some lovely shoe gaze bedroom dream indie pop and it got my attention. I do not know what to think of it now, when I found out the story about the main man behind the project. wtf.

_slavo_ 11.10.2020 05:56 AM

the dude invented a new genre 'harrasment-gaze'

not funny, I know.

Diesel 11.10.2020 08:18 AM


There's a few ridiculous blog posts online pertaining a narrative along the lines of if you support this artist then you don't condone the abuse and have no empathy for the alleged victims. No separation between music and person and a cancel culture piece. If this man can't make money from his music then what must he do, go flip burgers etc? which raises the question: would the state and/or his manager then be guilty of supporting him? Should he live on welfare handouts? At which point are the government liable? there's no logic, where is the line drawn. The blog writer's clearly want revenge and to simply ruin this guy's life even though he's wholeheartedly apologised.

It's a similar situation to Ducktails and Alex Calder who incidentally make similar dream pop which raises a further question: what is with these jizz-jazzer's making chill un-offensive music and yet owning obnoxious offensive personalities?

Anyway, if you like Acid Ghost I'd recommend the aforementioned artists if you can get past the personal business. If you can't then there's always early Beach Fossils and early Diiv, but then the Diiv bassist was outed as being a bit of a racist so just be ready to cancel him and EQ the bass out for safe listening pleasure.

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