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Everyneurotic 09.24.2008 02:09 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
what is this?

jucifer - calling all cars on the vegas strip.



hanatarash - we are hardcore (disc 2).

sonic sphere 09.24.2008 02:19 PM

crime & the city solution-room of lights

uhler 09.24.2008 02:20 PM

moderat likvidation- never mind the bootlegs

batreleaser 09.24.2008 02:22 PM

ive never heard that hanatarash record, its fucking criminal how hard theyre stuff is to find, and how expensive it is when you do find it. i dont know why troniks or hospital or hanson hasnt reissued some of thier stuff yet.

me; pengo beaten back to infancy

the bad trips-s/t
bathory-under the sign of the black mark
milford graves-grand unification
henry partch-enclosure 2
motorpsycho-little lucid moments
bollywood steel guitar (sublime frequencies)

Everyneurotic 09.24.2008 02:39 PM





i remember this being better than what i'm hearing.

lechaoscestmoi 09.24.2008 03:28 PM


Originally Posted by lechaoscestmoi

again... such a perfect album.

diskaholic-anonymous 09.24.2008 03:38 PM

time to rock n' roll...


SYRFox 09.24.2008 03:41 PM


viewtiful_alan 09.24.2008 03:58 PM

Today thus far:

Neil can make noisy sound collages with the best of em. Somehow this one manages to rise above pure noise for me.

Everyneurotic 09.24.2008 04:41 PM


mayo is gawd, if by "gawd" you mean a guy playing shit guitar and howling nonsense yet comes out sounding like the most out there bands active today with perfectly warped songs.

Everyneurotic 09.24.2008 05:10 PM


"never talking...just keeps walking...spreading his magic"

stu666 09.24.2008 06:24 PM

Charalambides - Branches


stu666 09.24.2008 07:07 PM


drrrtyboots 09.24.2008 07:25 PM

Land of Talk - Some Are Lakes

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 09.24.2008 07:44 PM


Everyneurotic 09.24.2008 08:07 PM

alvarius b - alvarius b (2xLP)

batreleaser 09.24.2008 08:53 PM

that alan bishop record is fucking great, i just heard it actually after reading a blastitude review (like i said, best music publication in the world)

just turned off scratch acid, now comes on 'pop tatari'

batreleaser 09.24.2008 09:21 PM

asva-what you dont know is frontier

atsonicpark 09.24.2008 09:58 PM

Yeah, love alvarius b's work, even more so than sir richard bishop's (!)...

daniel johnston - 1990

batreleaser 09.24.2008 10:03 PM

i wudnt pick one or another, theyre both grade a musicians who pretty much represent everything that music is supposed to represent.

alan is a helluva writer too though, he might get the edge because of that.

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