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Norma J 08.16.2007 03:36 AM

The Devoted Few: Billboard Noises.

sarramkrop 08.16.2007 03:48 AM

From the Vaults: La Monte Young (New Sounds: Wednesday, 15 August 2007)

This is a 1990 show from the vaults with composer La Monte Young and visual artist Marian Zazeela that is sure to warp the space-time continuum. The “godfather of minimalism,” Young, together with Zazeela, explain the year-long light and sound environment they had up and running back at the time. Plus, experience an excerpt from Young’s work, “The Well-Tuned Piano,” called the “Magic Harmonic Rainforest Chord.”

Tokolosh 08.16.2007 04:30 AM

Mp3 clips from the (European Free Improvisation Pages)

Cantankerous 08.16.2007 04:36 AM


jon boy 08.16.2007 06:48 AM

company flow - funcrusher

Pookie 08.16.2007 07:02 AM

The Smiths best of is playing in the shop today.

sonicl 08.16.2007 07:06 AM

High Rise - Speed Free Sonic

sarramkrop 08.16.2007 09:11 AM

Tu M'

A Thousand Threads 08.16.2007 09:20 AM


It's been a while since i last listened to this but
damn, how good can a record be?

fugazifan 08.16.2007 10:28 AM

Earth- Earth 2

Cantankerous 08.16.2007 12:36 PM


that smile gets me every time

sarramkrop 08.16.2007 01:04 PM


Florya 08.16.2007 03:43 PM

Just received the new album from 'A Place to Bury Strangers'. Listening to it right now and I'm liking it BIG time.
Sounds like Loop meets JAMC on steroids.

Pookie 08.16.2007 03:45 PM


Originally Posted by Cantankerous


that smile gets me every time

I know what you mean, he looks retarded.

Pookie 08.16.2007 03:51 PM


Norma J 08.16.2007 04:05 PM

Blonde on Blonde.

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 08.16.2007 05:15 PM

Aesop Rock - Bazooka tooth

fugazifan 08.16.2007 05:21 PM


havent heard this in a while. . . great album!

the ikara cult 08.16.2007 05:35 PM

me is hearing The infotainment scan

fugazifan 08.16.2007 05:37 PM


Originally Posted by fugazifan

havent heard this in a while. . . great album!

pics not working
it was hair police-constantly terrified

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