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k-krack 06.05.2007 07:58 PM

Jenny Piccolo's discography

king_buzzo 06.06.2007 02:29 AM

Nothing, absolutely nothing, you hear?

Actually, 100% is in my head now.

sonicl 06.06.2007 04:02 AM


Originally Posted by Everyneurotic
i hope you're kidding.

can't stand anything from him after play, i like play although i haven't heard it since it's 2000 overkill.

Nope, I really like Hotel, although the second half is a little bit weak. I felt that Play and the one that followed it weren't albums that had a long shelf life, but Hotel is a bit of a return to his Everything is Wrong (which is a truly brilliant album!) form.

sonic sphere 06.06.2007 06:01 AM

new york dolls-private world:-the complete studio demos 72'-73

nicfit 06.06.2007 09:09 AM

Iain 06.06.2007 11:01 AM

Oshiri Penpenz

sun city girl 06.06.2007 11:29 AM


king_buzzo 06.06.2007 11:31 AM


Torn Curtain 06.06.2007 11:51 AM

An Pierlé and White Velvet - Hamburg, Germany Mandarin Casino 2007-01-28 (from dime)

finding nobody 06.06.2007 01:11 PM


finding nobody 06.06.2007 02:56 PM


Stamped promo! Like that matters!

king_buzzo 06.06.2007 02:57 PM

^Great choices!

finding nobody 06.06.2007 03:07 PM

I thank you kindly.
I'm not sure how much I like Trans. It just doesn't feel right for Neil.
Bubble and Scrape rules though

king_buzzo 06.06.2007 03:08 PM

I saw a vinyl print of trans and didnt buy it but I think i might.

+1 on the Bubble & Scrape!

terminal pharmacy 06.06.2007 09:03 PM

oddly enough i am listening to amy winehouse back to black and ummm it is very suprisingly good

musicfallinglikesnow 06.06.2007 09:50 PM

Robert Wyatt: Rock Bottom


I always wanted to have Neil Young's Trans from what a friend of mine told me. Rare vinyl.

sonic sphere 06.07.2007 05:40 AM

brian jonestown massacre-tomorrow's heroes today

Iain 06.07.2007 05:46 AM

The Jacks - Vacant World

Torn Curtain 06.07.2007 11:54 AM

Richard & Linda Thompson - Shoot out the lights

sonicl 06.07.2007 01:56 PM

"Portable Babies" - a mix tape by Rob Bastien

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