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stu666 07.31.2009 10:36 AM


loubarret 07.31.2009 10:47 AM


[Sandbag] 07.31.2009 10:50 AM

sonic youth - no garage

sonic sphere 07.31.2009 11:27 AM


dirty bunny 07.31.2009 01:13 PM


sonic sphere 07.31.2009 01:20 PM


automatic bzooty 07.31.2009 03:24 PM


somebody's vinyl rip. i like the crackling lo-fi touches.

sonic sphere 07.31.2009 03:51 PM


automatic bzooty 07.31.2009 04:07 PM


Originally Posted by automatic bzooty

changed my mind. this again.

sonic sphere 07.31.2009 04:28 PM


Torn Curtain 07.31.2009 04:31 PM

Siouxsie & The Banshees - Downside up CD 2

Savage Clone 07.31.2009 05:46 PM


youthoftomorrow 07.31.2009 06:00 PM


dirty bunny 07.31.2009 08:55 PM


batreleaser 07.31.2009 09:09 PM

Aleshir-Torment of the Metals LP (the bardo pond related project i actually dig more than bardo pond, amazing sludge/drone doom riffs that just pummel, great free rock drumming, lots of fuzz, and balls out psychedelia, reminds me of a dead c meets om type thing)


moon phantoms lp (another bardo pond related band, one of four bp projects released on important records this year, lots of bardo pond peeps as well as Pirako Kurenai from Suishou no Fune, pschedelic avant free rock improv styles, and as you'd imagine, some of the best, this type of music is generallu pretty hard to go wrong with if you like riffs)
circle z-fragmenti de junk, the ivory tower
burroughs-real english made tea here
zola jesus-the spoils
melt banana-squeak queak creak
blues control-local flavor
black flag-everyhting went black
headdress-lunes (check this band out, sorta like the lkast couple earth albums, sorta that western-tinged psychedlic drone rock with amazing clean an d fuzzy riffs, lots of wah)
nate young-regression
lake of dracula-skeletal remains
the new flesh-vessel
blue cheer-vincebus eruptum
slicing grandpa-electric shitstorm
the velvet underground lp
the new flesh-pparasite
entrance-prayer of death
rudolph grey-transifxed
art ensemble of chicago-bap-tizum

Sonic Youth 37 07.31.2009 09:11 PM

Enter the Wu...because I didn't finish listening to it 3 days ago.

batreleaser 07.31.2009 09:11 PM

children's hospital-alone together

floatingslowly 07.31.2009 09:25 PM


youthoftomorrow 08.01.2009 02:22 AM


Torn Curtain 08.01.2009 03:44 AM

Notwist & Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra - 2009-01-18, Volkstheater, Munich, Germany AUD (from dime)

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