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Derek 07.29.2010 04:26 PM


Aaron Dilloway - Beggar Master 12''


Derek 07.29.2010 05:06 PM


Autistic Daughters - Jealousy and Diamond

the ikara cult 07.29.2010 05:59 PM

Cloud Nothings

A lovely little bunch of songs, for those of you who like Times New Viking, Eat Skull etc.

Antagon 07.29.2010 06:19 PM

Throbbing Gristle - United

automatic bzooty 07.29.2010 08:52 PM


Ghostchase 07.30.2010 12:59 AM

Tom Zé - Defect 2: Curiosidade (High Llamas Remix)

The Earl Of Slander 07.30.2010 05:55 AM

Tons of Odd Future stuff, almost exclusively. Obsessed. 'Tell your bitch to stop complaining about her achey tits, her body is a temple, I don't give a fuck, I'm athiest'. Too good.

sonic sphere 07.30.2010 02:05 PM


Derek 07.30.2010 02:18 PM


noisereductions 07.30.2010 02:52 PM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere

This album is soooooooo good. Man!

SYRFox 07.30.2010 04:59 PM


viewtiful alan redux 07.30.2010 11:33 PM



Such bland production. Redman is sort of like Ludacris on this album, in that his rapping is compotent, and at times entertaining.. but over all just not all that intereting.


Ross's best album that I've heard. The productoin is incredible.

stu666 07.31.2010 08:23 AM


TheFoxBen 07.31.2010 10:00 AM



chicka 07.31.2010 10:32 AM

itunes on shuffle - right now Joe Jackson - Got to Look SHARP

SYRFox 07.31.2010 12:07 PM


sonic sphere 07.31.2010 02:45 PM


Derek 07.31.2010 03:47 PM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark
Best Coast - Crazy For You

Fuck it, this album rules. At first, I was like "ugh, some girl who likes Vivian Girls a lot.. big deal" but the melodies are now stuck in my head. Just good music, nothing more nothing less.

Yeah I listened to it a few times today, extremely catchy stuff..

The lyrics are awful but good thing I don't care about lyrics!

SYRFox 07.31.2010 04:10 PM


post-devastation industrial city landscape dubstep

Ghostchase 07.31.2010 04:19 PM


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