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noisereductions 04.13.2010 03:09 PM


Originally Posted by Satan
on a new order binge

HEY! Did you hear Burrrprint 2 HD yet? Gucci's on a roll.

Satan 04.13.2010 03:11 PM

yeah! he kills that shit

i love me some gucci.

davenotdead 04.13.2010 03:13 PM

<3 ^.

currently: javelin - no mas [ good collage/sample beats... like if girl talk met eric copeland met the books met some other guy who does mash-ups /collage stuff with an international/tropical feel]. good stuff

noisereductions 04.13.2010 03:14 PM

@Satan: dude, that track he recorded over the phone from jail!!! So ridiculous. And what about that uh "love song" where he's like "girl, I swear yr hotter than campfire / we can stay up all night like vampires" haha, he's so on the cusp of brilliance and absurdity at all times. Shit's awesome.

Torn Curtain 04.13.2010 03:33 PM

Metallica - Live Shit: Binge & Purge ("Seattle Coliseum", 29 & 30 august 1989 - the video)

sonic sphere 04.13.2010 03:41 PM


stu666 04.13.2010 06:07 PM


batreleaser 04.13.2010 06:31 PM

Cheer-Accident "Fear Draws Upon Misfortune"

The Earl Of Slander 04.13.2010 08:22 PM


First time out, another LP rescued from the crates in my parent's old place. Seems pretty sick. I can never really love the vibes though. They always just sound a bit corny and easy listening, seemingly inevitably. This is a record with Cannonball Adderley, Wynton Kelley and Art Blakey on it though, so you know it's gotta be worth looking past that...

noisereductions 04.13.2010 08:28 PM

^seriously? Gatdamn, I love me some vibes!! You need to hear "Montara" by Bobby Hutcherson. Holy shit.

jon boy 04.13.2010 08:29 PM


wellcharge 04.13.2010 08:30 PM

maybe the fact that you're listening to a commercial vibist who wants to sound like that is the reason. if you think bobby hutcherson or khan jamal sounds like easy listening i'll die a little inside

noisereductions 04.13.2010 08:33 PM

dude, Hutcherson is fucking ridiculous. Seriously. Check it.

noisereductions 04.13.2010 08:33 PM (Bobby Hutcherson) (The Roots) (Madlib remix)

wellcharge 04.13.2010 08:36 PM

more like

The Earl Of Slander 04.13.2010 08:38 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
You need to hear "Montara" by Bobby Hutcherson. Holy shit.

OK, point taken, this is pretty great. Think I've actually heard the Madlib remix before. Thing is, I often do like vibes as far as being a cool sound, especially for use in hip-hop samples/remixes. I love that shit. So chilled and floaty. It's just that whenever they're put in a traditional jazz context, as they often are, like with ^, it somehow bugs me. They're so much less weighty and expressive than something like acoustic sax or bass or piano or whatever, and a large part of what I love about classic just like 'straight up' jazz is that sound of a few dudes just listening to each other in a room and making this really beautiful, or burning, or whatever, but IMMEDIATE music just using the pure acoustic sounds of their instruments. But then you shove some vibes in there, and as much as they can be cool in a fusioney or lite-jazz context, they always somehow rub me as being so out of place and expressionless and just vibe killing (that wasn't actually an intended pun, honest). I don't know, maybe I could be swung over, but it hasn't happened yet...

The Earl Of Slander 04.13.2010 08:41 PM

This Roots remix is sick.

noisereductions 04.13.2010 08:45 PM

now I'm listening to Donald Byrd's STEPPING INTO TOMORROW over and over

The Earl Of Slander 04.13.2010 08:51 PM

Now see, both great tracks for sure, but that's largely for me because I mean like shit, it's got Hubbard, Rivers, Hill, Davis, Chambers... But the actual vibes part? Not crazy about it. Maybe with time it'll come...


Originally Posted by noisereductions
now I'm listening to Donald Byrd's STEPPING INTO TOMORROW over and over

Whereas here I have no problem with the vibes, because they just seem to fit better. I know I'm sounding like a bit of jazz fascist here probably, which I really don't want to.... I guess I just kind of have different places in my listening for more classic sounding jazz and weird fusiony stuff, and I can't yet slot vibes comfortably into the former.

noisereductions 04.13.2010 08:53 PM

^guy, no matter how many times I hear "Stepping Into Tomorrow" I Still don't understand....... was Byrd from the future? Like what the fuck? That track is soooooooooooooooooo fucking insane. How did he come up with that shit? Oh man! I love it..

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