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stu666 06.22.2009 04:30 PM


EvdWee 06.22.2009 04:41 PM


dirty bunny 06.22.2009 05:01 PM

ennio morricone

viewtiful_alan 06.22.2009 05:18 PM

On Saturday:

Second half is nicely enhanced by a subwoofer. >)

al shabbray 06.22.2009 05:50 PM


thom yorke - eraser

this record, plus fresh made bed, plus tea, plus an ill lady = feeling like winter, and I love it!

noisereductions 06.22.2009 06:14 PM


Sonic Youth 37 06.22.2009 07:32 PM


Originally Posted by automatic bzooty

I still need to hear this. I liked Devotion pretty well.

batreleaser 06.22.2009 08:17 PM

JJ Cale-The Best of


Pentagram-Under the Sign of Hell
Bestial Warlust-Vengeance War till Death
Endless Boogie-Focus Level
Kevin Drumm-Impist Tyrant
Alan Licht-Sink the Aging Process
the geeks-s/t 7"
Cop Shoot Cop-Headkick Fascimile
Current 93-Nature Unvelied
Pharoah Sanders-Journey to the One
Corsano and Flaherty-the Hated Music

batreleaser 06.22.2009 08:29 PM

Sickness-I Have Become Disease that Made Me

people bitch about harsh noise getting diluted, which may or may not be true, but when listening to this tape i cant help but think that noise is forever, this shit is just powerful, and not to mention disturbing, and most likely itll still be an unsetting listen 20 yearsfrom now. Thank god for Prurient, Sickness, S I X E S/Deathroes, and others for keeping legit power electronics/harsh noise interesting.

TheDom 06.22.2009 09:17 PM

I finally bought the eternal today & I'm on my third listen already.

I'm kinda late on all the eternal love but maaan listening to this just reminds me why they are my favorite band in the first place & it brought me back to like 5 years ago when I was obsessed with everything youth. I kind of stopped listening to them lately but this brought back my love so much. On Mark Prindle's Ramones review page, his first line is "They might have saved my life" & those words are ringing through my head as I listen to this shit. hell ya

viewtiful_alan 06.22.2009 09:43 PM



Sonic Youth 37 06.22.2009 10:00 PM

The bonus disc for Farm

Sonic Youth 37 06.22.2009 10:33 PM


Sonic Youth 37 06.22.2009 10:59 PM


automatic bzooty 06.23.2009 01:15 AM


Originally Posted by stu666


Death & the Maiden 06.23.2009 02:24 AM


sonic sphere 06.23.2009 05:33 AM


stu666 06.23.2009 09:10 AM

Th' Faith Healers - Lido

Newfoundland 06.23.2009 09:51 AM

Dream Aktion Unit - Blood Shadow Rampage

My favorite Thurston Improv record.

sonic sphere 06.23.2009 10:47 AM


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