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Mildred Pierce 02.23.2007 11:05 PM

music that lifts up everyday life.
When I think about music that lifts up everyday life I think of classical music, psychedelic music, melancholic music and fusion.
Name up some bands that pop up in your head.

Mono; I saw this band live a few months ago and I drifted away on their music. I like the way they use their instruments, its almost like listening to heavy classical music. Mono is a much promissing band, I wonder why they aren't as recognized as other bands that come from the States or Great Britain.

deathbyfeedback 02.24.2007 01:47 PM

mono are great. check out World's End Girlfriend.

demonrail666 02.24.2007 02:52 PM

Big Star's September Gurls

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