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Achoo... brancafest??
So on the Mustang site, it says that the spoken words at the beginning of Eric's Trip are "Achoo... brancafest". While I don't doubt Chris' site, since it is a great resource, I was always sure that the voice said "Hatred... I hate the past". I may very well be wrong, but I was always so sure. Plus it makes a little more sense than "Achoo... brancafest".

Anyone able to clear this up? It sounds like "Hatred, I hate the past" I think...

scott v 08.16.2006 05:47 PM

its "achoo... brancafest" a dedication if you will to Glenn Branca.

mooger_fooger 08.17.2006 09:38 AM's brancafest...I remember first time I read that it seemed logical, but kinda kooky. sure enough though, break out a good pair of headphones and it's clear as day

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