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A Thousand Threads 04.19.2006 02:00 PM

Sonic Youth on French Radio -------------
it starts in a few minutes
for those who are interested

A Thousand Threads 04.19.2006 02:04 PM

it started right now
theyre playing incenerate

Spiritual Amnesia 04.19.2006 02:09 PM

now they are playing
Sleeping Around

saoq 04.19.2006 02:17 PM

i'm listening to it - too bad I'm on 56k so it gets cut all the time buffering etc. hope someone is recording this

A Thousand Threads 04.19.2006 02:18 PM

same problem here
but from what Ive heard it sounds great
i mean the songs

sy2004 04.19.2006 02:20 PM

Pink Steam going on now. Hopefully my scheduled recording is working as well at the moment.

greenlight 04.19.2006 02:22 PM

I'm recording it. but it's cut me off often as well....aghrrr!
i should sue fucking irish broadband for causing me heart attack! fucking connection.

all good. their stuff sound very good live to me! quartet is back.

duderanchnurse 04.19.2006 02:24 PM

Helllllllllllllll !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

pantophobia 04.19.2006 02:24 PM

wow Shaking Hell, i know somebody will be really excited

greenlight 04.19.2006 02:24 PM

shaking helll! fucking helll! yes!

Bertrand 04.19.2006 02:25 PM

Hell yeah gosh oh my !!!

saoq 04.19.2006 02:25 PM

oh and thanks for bringing this up
damn i should have a dsl - but i like my vintage dial-up gear.
there's many lead/soloing gtrs on the new songs

shaking hell!!!!!!!!!! wow

Spiritual Amnesia 04.19.2006 02:25 PM

Its So Amazing

duderanchnurse 04.19.2006 02:25 PM


pokkeherrie 04.19.2006 02:26 PM

whoaaa.... sounds so awesome after all these years!! :):eek::D
must be 1986 or so that they last played it?
(shaking hell that is)

A Thousand Threads 04.19.2006 02:26 PM

fuck me and my internet connection
it worked fine for nearly 5 minutes
now its dead


duderanchnurse 04.19.2006 02:29 PM

the best day ever:
1- Got the best album of all times today (the new Tool)
2- I've heard Shaking Hell live
3- I will hear it again tomorrow at the Nouveau Casino :)

greenlight 04.19.2006 02:29 PM

lee behind the mic and his rats! thurston shouting : it's for a radio! woaaaaa!

it's all good!

duderanchnurse 04.19.2006 02:31 PM

Let's be honest: thruston songs sucked, he does'nt know how to play tonight.
And we can't hear Lee

duderanchnurse 04.19.2006 02:31 PM

incinerate + sleepin around, the others were ok

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