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Trasher02 06.27.2007 11:31 AM


Originally Posted by HECKLER SPRAY
Zita Swoon - I'm painting pictures on a wedding dress

Zita Swoon is terrible, he's an asshole.

MTT 06.27.2007 12:19 PM


lungfish 06.27.2007 12:24 PM

not unknown, per se,
but i truly feel like this album was made for me
and no one hardly ever talks about it. Kimono gets all the talk.
one of my favorites. ever.


Glice 06.27.2007 02:57 PM

I have a psyclones record (it's shit, and reading back, probably a different Psyclone being as you're talking about an 80s version) and I saw Youth Movie Soundtrack Strategies and thought they were fucking shit.

I really, really like Projekt Ako.
I have a record by my mate Nick of which there are about 20 copies (it's awesome)
In my days of obsessions with Glasgow indie, I really liked Electroscope.

Edit: who, in retrospect, may have only been associated with a Glasgow label. I'm not that fastiduous a collector. Also: Period Pains and Tampasm still get infrequent plays.

2nd edit: Didn't notice second page - this was in response to Herr Clone.

finding nobody 06.27.2007 03:22 PM


Born To Be A Loser by Jimmy Donley. A true peice of work

cryptowonderdruginvogue 06.27.2007 03:33 PM


just kidding.

Jandek - Ready For The House

finding nobody 06.27.2007 03:34 PM


Originally Posted by cryptowonderdruginvogue

just kidding.


Jandek - Ready For The House

Only Jandek can make those sounds..

Bytor Peltor 06.27.2007 03:37 PM


atsonicpark 06.27.2007 05:39 PM

maybe other people know of these albums, but i never hear em mentioned on here...
cherubs - heroin man
chromelodeon - hearts of sawdust (i think that's what it's called)
darth vegas - it came from beyond
diablo swing orchestra - [forgot the title, but it's about a ballroom]
experimental dental school - hideous dance attack!!!
gaji - s/t
hot snakes - suicide invoice (i know people know this, but it's one of my all time favorite albums and no one talks about it)
limited express (has gone?) - feeds you!
motocompo - discotheque murder
mt. shasta - put the creep on
shakuhachi surprise - space streakings sighted over mt. shasta
spoozys - astral astronauts
theory of ruin - counterculture nosebleed (again, never mentioned on here, but people know it)
vicious hairy mary - black bug's blood, orchestral phantasma
I dunno.

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 06.27.2007 05:41 PM


Shannon Wright -- Dyed in the Wool


Aphrodite's Child -- 666


Only Living Witness -- Innocents


Allergic to Whores -- Shadows in the Killing Fields

SuchFriendsAreDangerous 06.27.2007 05:41 PM


Civil Disobedience -- In A Few Hours of Madness


Jah Levi and the Higher Reasoninng -- Selassie I Vibrations

Pax Americana 06.27.2007 07:16 PM


Mclusky - Mclusky Do Dallas. Nobody I know listens to this band, but they were amazing.


Q And Not U - Power. All their records are good, I have a soft spot for this one though.

Norma J 06.27.2007 07:31 PM


Originally Posted by Pax Americana

Mclusky - Mclusky Do Dallas. Nobody I know listens to this band, but they were amazing.


Q And Not U - Power. All their records are good, I have a soft spot for this one though.

I own a few Mclusky albums. Not a bad band. I also own the Undress for Success EP.

I don't own any Q and Not U albums, but from what I've heard from them I like. There's other Dischord bands I'll purchase before them guys.

Norma J 06.27.2007 07:38 PM

Refused's albums The Shape of Punk to Come was one of them albums that I only seemed to know about. I got into them after they split, but noone knew of them when I spoke of them. They were that band that I went around going on about to everyone and everything who would listen. I fell in love with this album when I discovered it and if you've heard it, it's a special album to own all to yourself (or so you think all to yourself). Now they're huge and everyone fucking knows about them. To people I went on about them to who wouldn't listen to me or them, now claim to love them. A few people I know still like rubbing it into the scene kids that I went on about it before them. Irritates me more than anything when a band I love gets saturated. But oh well.

The Blood Brothers were another band I loved yearrrrrrs ago and now they are huge.

Black Eyes seems to be another band noone talks about, yet they're fucking amazing.

demonrail666 06.27.2007 08:00 PM

Salem 66's album Natural Disasters, National Treasures


A Boston band from the mid-80s that I got into after hearing their song 'The Well' on the Homestead Records comp, The Wailing Ultimate.

Sort of similar to Live Skull, but even less popular. And that's saying something.

k-krack 06.27.2007 08:13 PM

Black Eyes are rad. I always confuse them with the Black Keys, who suck.
I can't tihnk of much that I could consider "my own."
At least 98% of everything I love or even like, one or more of my friends dig it as well...

A couple things though...

Sofa- Grey
Frankie Sparo- My Red Scare *
The Ladies- They Mean Us
Xiu Xiu- Knife Play through A Promise + The Air Force (especially TAF)*
You Say Party! We Say Die!- Hit the Floor!
Ummm... nothin' too obscure, really...
* these are not necessarily ones I consider only myself to know, but albums that I kind of have a really personal attachment to.

the ikara cult 06.27.2007 08:52 PM


When this came out, i knew one person who knew who they were. This was in the days before i had the internet or read magazines. They turned out to be the key to exploration in music for me. I saw them as a support band and thought there might be something there, and this album was the first time id bought an album without having heard any songs on the radio. Id like to think it set me off on a more adventurous course. I know a few other people know of it now but when i bought it i didnt know anyone else who did.
Always a very fond place in my heart.

lungfish 06.27.2007 09:11 PM


Unpacking My Library by Currituck County (aka Kevin Barker)
got into this album and Kevin when i saw him open for Joan Of Arc in 2003 at the now defunct Club Luxx a block away from my old house in Williamsburg.
his guitar playing blew me away and his cover of Silly Women by Bert Jansch (who i didn't know at the time) was special.
this album was my soundtrack for the fall and winter of '03.

he recently opened for Bert Jansch a couple of weeks ago at Bowery Ballroom
i couldn't go and was disappointed that it didn't even sell out. Bert Jansch for fucks sake.

oh and..


what a beautiful record that is.

atsonicpark 06.27.2007 09:13 PM


wow, i've never met anyone who DIDN'T know who mcluksy was. i'm a fan, but even i admit that they were hugely inconsistent. each of their albums has many bad songs on them with do dallas being the one with the least amount of bad songs. they coulda been so much better, loved "the difference..." because it was so fucking dark. jesus. good band though.

ikara cult were also pretty big but relatively obscure nowadays; i was also a fan from the beginning. surprisingly good. i read about them in every magazine known to man, and apparently they were huge in england for a while. chat and business was released on epitaph afterall. anyway, really really good band, wish they had continued on, i hated the little ep they did and hated half of modern apprentice.. but damn if chat and business wasn't the jam of the year. "wE PLEAD AGAINST STATE THEN DO IT. WE HEED AGAINST STAGE THEN DO IT." great great band. i noticed that 1) none of their parts ever go on for a very long time, they're one of the most excited insane bands ever as far as just rushing through every song goes and 2) almost every song starts with a snare hit. great band. love the guitarist too. she was hot and she played really simply, catchy, sometimes surfy lines. i read in a magazine that her guitar hero was thurston moore. nice.

also, q and not u are definitely not obscure, though they definitely are the most inconsistent band i've heard recently (more so than mclusky). LOVE no kill no beep beep everything after that just was kinda there. no kill no beep beep was just an amazing amazing record, like fugazi but better. addicting record. i saw this band live with racebannon and their fans clapped to every drum beat. "hooray for humans" is on every mix tape i've ever made.

allergic to whores i saw live a while back. they're pretty cool.

black eyes.. i think they had some really good songs, i loved the some boys single with "Shut up i never". they reminded me of girls against boys raping fugazi with the blood brothers yelling in the next room. i HATED the album with the saxaphone though. what was it called? cough or something? it sucked.

as for refused, i actually remember seeing their video on mtv, which is strange, considering it was mtv.. not mtv2.. and it was during some special about rock.. like, rock videos all day.. they showed chevelle - mia, then they showed refused - new noise.. i remember thinking, "what is this? aphex twin?" because of the beginning of the video/song, and then all of a sudden some cracked out dude comes on "CAN I SCREAM? YEAH!" and i was like, "holy shit, this is amazing!" never saw the video ever again on tv, but i bought the cd the next day and loved it.

and finally, the blood brothers are awful. always have been, always will be.

the ikara cult 06.27.2007 09:18 PM


Originally Posted by Pax Americana

Mclusky - Mclusky Do Dallas. Nobody I know listens to this band, but they were amazing.

AH i got into Mclusky at this point too, definitely their high water mark. They did have a fairly consistent following in the UK over that time.

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