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fictionfriction 04.17.2006 07:49 AM

thinking fellers union local #282
i heard of them ages ago and always thought the band name was pretty odd, finally got around to listening to them the other day and the few songs i've heard are great, sort of pere ubu meets polvo or something..

anyway, just wondered if there's any fans on here with album recommendations and suchlike.

shentov 04.17.2006 08:10 AM

TFUL282 are rad. i like them a lot, but my friend alex likes them even better.

johnnywinternoshow 04.17.2006 09:00 AM

great band which i first heard of here, the song about the turtle is great

fictionfriction 04.17.2006 09:16 AM

heh yeah, my pal the tortoise? that was the first song i heard. i might get the album that's from then.

Rob Instigator 04.17.2006 09:59 AM

did they name themselves after the REM song?

hotbutterknives 04.17.2006 10:14 AM

i am a total fellers fan since i was 15 years old
oh how i love em sooooooooooooooooooo

all the union albums are pure weird gold!
i sold my vynil copy of mother of all saints a while back cuz i was too broke and what a mistake i did, never found a copy since and i mis it so much....

and yeah , my pal the tortoise is from stranger from the universe and that is a classic must get record, hell, its a masterpiece

Savage Clone 04.17.2006 10:21 AM

A very interesting and impossible to pigeonhole group.

Drjohnrock 08.07.2022 08:48 PM

Very good news on the Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 front. A vinyl reissue program of all of their albums and EPs is underway. Also, the band has a new Instagram page and digital offerings of their music for sale on their bandcamp page. Further details can be found on their website:

The band hasn't played live since 2011. While I hope this recent activity might mean a reunion tour in the not too distant future, I'm not counting on it. I do hope they make some $ from these endeavors and maybe make a few new fans.

Hmm, the first post on this thread in over 16 years. Wonder if that's some kind of record.

Severian 08.08.2022 06:08 AM

What a fucking great band. Stoked for the vinyl reissues

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