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Moshe 05.11.2020 01:49 AM

Riviera Gaz - Pere Ubu I The Quarantine Experience

_tunic_ 05.11.2020 04:12 AM

Does this mean that Steve is in quarantine in Brazil? God I hope not, but let's not get into politics here.
That song isn't new, their album was released two years ago

Somebody should send that video to Alan Sparhawk. He can do a complete analysis of packing band's gear into car trunks :)
Which makes me wonder: where did they leave the drumkit?

greenlight 05.11.2020 03:51 PM


Originally Posted by Moshe

wow. that song and the video rules. thanks for sharing.

why The quarantine Experince?

youtube upload bit delayed to the actual release, no?

nice little tour going on there. so cool.

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