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h8kurdt 02.15.2020 03:55 AM

Sonic Youth masters
With it being confirmed that the sonic youth masters were destroyed in the universal fires does this put an end to the deluxe CDs and everything else?

Fucking shame if that's the case.

choc e-Claire 02.15.2020 04:23 AM

Hopefully not. It would probably make remasters and that less likely, but from what I've gathered SY are the sort of band to be totally anal about keeping tapes, and backing stuff up. So they've probably got a lot of first-generation transfers sitting around somewhere.

_tunic_ 02.15.2020 04:46 AM

Quoting the Rolling Stone article, which is mentioned in the other article:

The filing revealed that “certain original multitrack master reels” of live Sonic Youth performances were affected, with no mention of any back-ups.

So there were no loss of album recordings and outtakes. Still hoping for a delux reissue of A Thousand Leaves, and that 24 hour version of the Diamond Sea ;)

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