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Danny Himself 11.15.2007 11:07 AM

Sounds good to me..


nicfit 11.15.2007 11:09 AM

Good bump man! I had a dream tonight in which I bumped this thread.

Danny Himself 11.15.2007 11:11 AM

My dream last night was extremely disturbing. I wish I dreamed of this message board!

ALIEN ANAL 11.15.2007 12:24 PM

if i can get around to it i might join

eatmychild 11.19.2007 11:40 AM

Bump. Do get around to it!

SpectralJulianIsNotDead 11.19.2007 11:06 PM

Right now I think I'm doing the Sprawl, not quite sure how I'm doing it. I think I want to do it to some dub beats. Where is suchfriends when I need him?

Cantankerous 11.19.2007 11:09 PM

ummmm...yeah, sure. i'm in. no idea what i'm gonna do, i'm gonna go through their entire catalogue right now.

nicfit 11.20.2007 05:00 AM

Cantanky, do a drone-folky "ineffable me".

nicfit 11.21.2007 02:48 AM

Bump (a little reminder to danny: add nicfit+diesel "Society is a hole" - yeah diesel, I'll send you the instrumental pretty soon, keep the faith - in the first post and maybe check if there are some more "confirmed" stuff... thanksssss).

Cantankerous 11.21.2007 02:49 AM

ps nevermind i quit?

nicfit 11.21.2007 02:52 AM

OH, you and everyone else can take step back at will. Just when you "officially confirm" that you will contribute it would be nice if you ended up actually submitting a track. So, yeah, no problem at all, I guess, we're still in the "I might" universe at this point.
Better things to do :D? he eh.

Silver Son 11.21.2007 05:16 AM


Originally Posted by Danny Himself
Sweet! Noise!!

My band and I have made a cover of "Silver Wax Lips" of the silver sessions.

nicfit 11.21.2007 07:07 AM


Originally Posted by jon boy
ok i will do a version of dirty boots. yikes!


king_buzzo 11.21.2007 12:26 PM


Originally Posted by Diesel
Sunday is my backup plan.

Actually, the reason why i'm doing this cover is to judge how good my new gear is, however I will still be recording some parts with this monstrosity



atsonicpark 11.21.2007 02:33 PM

hmm i may have to do another cover..

flophousefloozie 11.21.2007 02:44 PM

Why is Within you/Without You on there? I mean it, it's not a SY cover. It's good, anyway. Just doesn't make sense for a "tribute" album.

nicfit 11.21.2007 03:37 PM

it's a cover of a cover. SY covered it, cantankerous covered the cover... kinda. it's just a twist.

max 11.21.2007 08:06 PM

ok, I am sorry for the lack of updates but we got stuck inbetween recording sessions, gigs and the real life. we are going to contribute STEREO SANCTITY for this volume (if we still can). it's going to be a preview of things to come for RECS OF THE FLESH! we're very happy with the way it sounds...

Cantankerous 11.23.2007 01:06 AM

okya i was gonna make it a surprise but i've done peace attack

that being said i have no clue whether i'll submit it because given the resources i have available i cant compete with the original

max 11.25.2007 10:11 PM

I know I could help you personally with that (brand new bass!) or either Chout would love to. Lemme know!

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