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ZEROpumpkins 04.29.2008 01:31 AM

Shadow of a Doubt or 'cross the breeze.

ZEROpumpkins 04.29.2008 01:32 AM


Originally Posted by TheMadcapLaughs
I don't think this one has been said, but I love the way she sing/talks on halloween(or is it flower?). That part where she goes "sway side, to side" is great.

That's side2side lol. But it's similar to Flower

Death & the Maiden 04.29.2008 04:12 AM

No one else has said Washing Machine? I first listened to it yesterday, and it amazed me.

SonicBebs 04.29.2008 05:37 AM


Originally Posted by Death & the Maiden
No one else has said Washing Machine? I first listened to it yesterday, and it amazed me.

i said Washing Machine. It is amazing, and might be my favourie Sy song

GravitySlips 04.29.2008 08:05 AM

shaking hell
cross the breeze

krastian 04.29.2008 10:17 PM

Either Protect Me You or Becuz.

seni 04.29.2008 10:25 PM

Kool Thing and Eliminator Jr get my votes.

dressedindreams 04.30.2008 04:12 AM

cross the breeze (has that one been said?)
and heather angel
I think i prefer the songs that aren't based around the vocals, but the band jamming. That goes for all of them, not just kim.

tasteinmen 04.30.2008 05:48 AM

It's tough I love loads of Kim songs.

Sweet Shine
Shadow of a Doubt
Brave Men Run
The Sprawl

evolontko 04.30.2008 06:09 AM

as a song cross the breeze and brave man run but she is the best in panty lies :) i love the way she sing it

tasteinmen 04.30.2008 07:08 AM

^ I agree about panty lies

EVOLghost 04.30.2008 10:37 AM

Brother James
'Cross the Breeze

twentytwenty 04.30.2008 10:52 AM

too crazy to comprehend but in the end...


Dead-Air 04.30.2008 11:40 PM


Originally Posted by Kegmama
No one has said Brother James?! It's one of my absolute favs, mostly for overall crazy angry hornet guitar sound, but still...
Cross the Breeze
Shaking Hell
Shadow of a Doubt

Actually, I said it, I just didn't put it as my very top pick. I probably rank it #2 after Ghost Bitch though.

GrungeMonkey 05.01.2008 03:06 PM

The Sprawl probably
though i dont really love it because of its "kimness", more the beautiful bit at the end...

maybe Pattern Recognition... incredible song

Everyneurotic 05.01.2008 03:08 PM

i also love "kool thing" especially live.

i don't remember if "lightnin'" is a kim song, but she plays trumpet on it and it's ace.

baby bulldog 05.02.2008 11:50 AM

Female Mechanic Now on Duty

Torn Curtain 05.03.2008 08:27 AM

Can't choose one.

The sprawl
'Cross the breeze
Orange rolls angel's spit
On the strip
Sweet shine

luckynumber9 05.03.2008 09:02 PM

The Sprawl
Cross the Breeze
Brother James
I Love You Golden Blue

sorry, I can't narrow it down to just one song.

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