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DJ Rick 10.18.2006 07:41 PM

DAM HOUSE DAVIS 10/27: Gang Wizard / Way Bad / Woman's Worth
This is happening next in my living room...


Friday, October 27
@ the DAM House
503 E Street in Davis

7:00 SHARP! to 10:00 p.m. SHARP!



w/ special guests...


Bring $3-$6 to donate to bands. Wear a costume??? Dance! Eat our food (come hungry!!!) & drink (WOO!).

Gang Wizard's new album--Byzantine Headache--is out on Load Records. Says Load CEO himself

Los Angeles-based GANG WIZARD play an unholy gumbo of out-fried rock that draws from fluff between such couch cushions as the more stumblin' side of the ROYAL TRUX and the jazzercize neck of sonic explorers like the NO NECK BLUES BAND klan. Its truly a groups effort as 13 members appear on this release utilizing every weapon in the war chest ... from guitars, snyths and vocal pipes onwards. Truly the sound of levitation.

The band has three previous records on Ecstatic Peace, and its members have been in too many bands to mention THE HOSPITALS, KEVIN SHIELDS, BOXLEITNER... the list goes on. Labels as diverse as DEATHBOMB ARC, WEIRD FOREST, IN THE RED have all played home to these members projects.

In short, if you crave the out sound, this record will burrow its way into your routine. Its the sound of life... in all its shitty glory. Blowing loud, proud and straight through. Get it while you still are alive. Waiting could be your biggest mistake.

This album is also my debut, as I drum on part of it. But this particular Gang Wizard incarnation is a reunion of the classic early band that hasn't played publicly since this decade began. But I might grab a stick and beat on something (your adam's apple) at some point during the show.

Call this the Byzantine Headache release party!

WAY BAD is a special performance by a merged band of The Hospitals and The Skaters. So we get the pinnacle band of gnarly garage-scuzz/artpunk's moan-wave arm together with the band that is arguably the pinnacle of moan-wave altogether, the kings of burly and brilliant waves of mouthsound modulation. This should be historic, especially when you consider that The Skaters are supposed to be moving to Berlin in a few weeks. Catch 'em while you can! I imagine this might be the only time you'll see the Skaters and feel the urge to rock out at the same time.

Please also be aware that this will most likely be thee exclusive Way Bad performance. Like, don't expect the band to ever happen again after this. Already, if minor celebrities will book flights from NYC to Sacto to see this, you can drive to the DAM House or ride your bike here, right?

Woman's Worth is a special and sweet sorta damaged take on chamber music with a heaping dose of free-jazz influence, but these are rigorously rehearsed and composed spasms of trombone of Wilson and sax of Matt (from Vholtz), cascades of drum rolls by Paul from Business Lady, and the zany operatic yelps of fellow S.D.-expat Jessalyn. This band kinda loopy, wild and weird, but most of all EXTREMELY FUN! I saw them play at The Bakery in Emeryville with Deep Jew and Gator Surprise and some other bands, and they were by far the best act of the night. Paul built his snare drum by hand, he is one of the very best drummers I've ever seen, but he will not glaze your eyes with Berklee/Juilliard-level wizardness.

FOOD WILL BE SERVED AT 700 SHARP! Eat it all up!

When the donation jar comes around, please put some of the money we saved you on food and drink in the jar so that the bands will make it to their next stop and feel appreciated.

Please also bring extra cash if you wanna buy the new Gang Wizard CD before its actual release date...PLUS there will be the typical Brian "Deathbomb Arc" Miller merch table including all the latest and greatest of the worldwide scene of exquisitely packaged DIY noise and arty fun weirdness, etc., etc. I always blow $50 on 10-15 pieces of merch that I have only the faintest clue about because his merchbox is my favorite merchbox, and I've only ever fished out one dud outta dozens and dozens of "adventure picks" I've purchased.

This will tbe greatest show in Davis at least until the following night when Flying Luttenbachers, No Doctors, and (((Microwaves))) rock the Delta of Venus for another costumes-encouraged band show/party.

Davis will be really happening on this weekend!

Everyneurotic 10.19.2006 03:57 PM

gang wizard fucking pwns!

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