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Danny Himself 04.02.2007 09:38 AM

SY Gossip Fan Tribute Album

Sonic Youth Gossip

Record a Sonic Youth cover, by yourself or with your friends! Upload it to a file sharing website like Badongo or Yousendit and send me a private message with the download link in. I'll compile them all and with help from everybody with cover art and sequencing, we can have our very own Sonic Youth Gossip Tribute Album.

General guidelines:
multiple submissions by one person: no.
submissions of one person in combination with others: yes
be creative, try not to just recreate a song


Volume 1 is done and dusted, and featured the following contributions;

1. "Expressway to yr Skull" by ruefbomb
2. "Dripping Dream" by k-krack
3. "Brother James" by SyrFox
4. "I Love Her All The Time" by danny himself
5. "Screaming Skull" by max & chout
6. "Flower" by To.w
7. "Secret Girl" by _slavo_
8. "Skip Tracer" by atsonicpark
9. "Kill yr Idols" by everyneurotic
10. "The Diamond Sea" by sarramkrop

Swing by our site, to download it and find out a little more about the people behind the covers.


Besides the excellent and enthusiastic work of the contributors and the half-assed me, who got the ball rolling with this thread, we must give our wholehearted thanks to nicfit, who put tireless effort into upping the blogspot site, coding, and also sequencing the tracks for your enjoyment.

screamingskull 04.02.2007 09:45 AM

he hasn't posted since the 27th of january, have you tried getting in contact with him?

Danny Himself 04.02.2007 09:46 AM

I used to have his MSN address but I deleted him off my list after he didn't log on for like 4 months or something. Perhaps he just got bored with it.

screamingskull 04.02.2007 09:48 AM

maybe. There's enough musicians on here to get this going again though!

Danny Himself 04.02.2007 09:52 AM

Indeed. I already have a cover to contribute.

Everyneurotic 04.02.2007 09:55 AM

the guy had the wrong idea for the project, he turned down every noise thing people submitted and wanted to mix the music the way he wanted, bad idea.

someone should step up and curate this, i don't know if i can. anyone? anyone?

i'm in and hope the people i was going to work with are still on with me.

Danny Himself 04.02.2007 09:58 AM

Yeah, thats true. He wanted to put a pop-acoustic take on most of the stuff, I think. That's why I did 'Scooter and Jinx'.

As long as we keep an open mind on this thing and we're willing to try different sounds for certain songs this can be a success. I don't want people to start submitting super-accurate recreations of songs though..

nicfit 04.02.2007 10:01 AM

yeeeeeeeeah, make this thing live.
I dunno If I'll be able to contribute any decent recording, but I support the idea. Do it, do it, do it.

Everyneurotic 04.02.2007 10:13 AM

what i proposed to that guy was to have it as a two cd kinda deal, with one focused on 'rock' versions and the other one being 'noise' (or more abstract takes) so he could manage the rock one and someone else would manage the noise one. in my opinion, it would be better if they were mixed, but for the sake of sequence, maybe the two cd would be better? what do you think.

of course, people should be encouraged to be creative.

Danny Himself 04.02.2007 10:18 AM

The CD splitting thing should really come down to how many people actually contribute. If it's around 20, we'll have 10 songs per CD or whatever. But if it's only 10 contributors, we might as well keep it to 1 CD.

Sequencing one single CD would pretty fun, too.

schizophrenicroom 04.02.2007 10:23 AM

my name is down

Danny Himself 04.02.2007 10:24 AM

Oh yes, of course, our duet.

king_buzzo 04.02.2007 10:25 AM

Yes, that would, might you say...

Everyneurotic 04.02.2007 10:26 AM

ohh, i propose:

multiple submitions by one person, no.
submmitions of one person in combination with others: yes

(subject to change depending on how many people participate, of course)

Danny Himself 04.02.2007 10:27 AM

I agree.

nicfit 04.02.2007 10:28 AM

i want to do cover art and shit like that :)

Danny Himself 04.02.2007 10:29 AM

I was about to bring that up. We should have people contribute art. Should the art have a general theme of 'the internet', or what?

nicfit 04.02.2007 10:35 AM

i say : first get the music, then we'll (we="artists" :) :( ) will just be inspired by the songs' sounds. maybe.

Danny Himself 04.02.2007 10:39 AM


So Jade and I are hopefully going to do a cover of 'I Love Her All The Time'.

king_buzzo 04.02.2007 11:09 AM


Originally Posted by Everyneurotic
submmitions of one person in combination with others: yes

Very agreed, like with the SY collab thread.

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