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noisereductions 02.10.2016 09:14 PM

don't really care for that album title.

Severian 02.10.2016 10:04 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
don't really care for that album title.

It's original, which makes it a-ok by me. Everything else felt a little forced.
Also, remember how stupid "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" sounded at first? Maybe you don't agree, but I remember when I read the story announcing that title. I face-palmed. Seemed SOOO self indulgent and stupid. But now it feels like the only title that could have possibly worked for that thing.

I did some digging around on the hiphopheads Reddit after the announcement was made, and some folks said the same thing. The music makes the album. The music makes the album title.

Reddit folks are discussing whether Pablo is a reference to Pablo Escobar or Pablo Picasso (who Kanye has identified as an idol ... weird choice... specifically in one of those college talks he did for the graduating class of whatever-the-fuck university).... One person suggested that perhaps "Pablo" is Dropout Bear's name. Funny... I thought his name was Dropout Bear! Hah. Anyway, it's generating a lot of talk and it's an imaginative title. I'm good with it. Even though I think he might change the fucker again.

Been thinking: if he JUST chose a title, there's almost no way cover art and packaging are going to be ready. This album is probably not going to get a physical release tomorrow. But if it comes out at all, in any way, I'll have a baller day, week, month and year.

Severian 02.10.2016 10:15 PM

Someone actually did guess the name of the album. Wondering if they're going to get their Yeezy season tickets or whatever the fuck.

My guesses were:

The Lights of Paris
The Long Overdue Promise (haha, but seriously... Took long enough)
The Lord of Pink

And I tried really hard to make an education themed guess, just for fun, but all I could think of involved the word "PhD," so I probably don't have to tell you it was stupid.

Take Lots of Pills entered my mind, but only because I was trying to think like someone who would name their album Swish.

I wonder why it never occurred to him to name the record WOLVES. I mean, that sounds like it could be a Kanye album title, and there's a song to go with it. If he was gonna pussy out about Waves, Wolves would have been close, made more sense in the context, and just plain sounded more badass, because.... Well, everyone knows wolves are cooler than waves.

Wolves > waves is what my grandfather always used to say. Wolves beat waves every time.

I think I'm getting an oxygen depletion high from the excitement of this. I'm definitely talking a lot and hyperventilating a little.... Not gonna lie, I'm vibrating a bit.

Severian 02.10.2016 10:18 PM

Oh hey louder, I think "Freestyle 4" might be "No More Parties in LA" ...

noisereductions 02.10.2016 10:19 PM

I like mbdt title right away. Reminded me of downward spiral.

Maybe pablo neruda?

noisereductions 02.10.2016 11:11 PM

I liked So Help Me God the best. By a long shot.

Swish and Waves were... whatever. They were fine. One word titles. Fine.

This one is... eh.

Severian 02.11.2016 12:13 AM

Have faith man.

Here, look, I spent a SHIT ton of time putting this list together to commemorate the new album's release! I said fuck it after ... longer than I'd like to admit... and stopped numbering shit.

My top 10 Kanye West songs... all 25 of them... -_-

1. Runaway (feat. Pusha T)
2. Good Morning
3. Gorgeous (feat. Kid Cudi & Raekwon)
4. Hold My Liquor (feat. Chief Keef & Justin Vernon)
5. Can't Tell Me Nothing
6. Bound 2 (feat. Charlie Wilson)
7. Everything I Am (feat. DJ Premiere)
8. RoboCop
9. Power
10. So Appalled (feat. Swizz Beats, Jay Z, Pusha T, Cyhi the Prince & RZA)

- Amazing (feat. Young Jeezy)
- Late
- To the World (feat. R Kelly)
- Drive Slow (feat. Paul Wall & GLC)
- Real Friends (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
- Blood on the Leaves
- Jesus Walks
- Heard 'Em Say (feat. Adam Levine)
- Hey Mama
- Breathe In Breathe Out (feat. Ludacris)
- Only One (feat. Paul McCartney)
- Never Let Me Down (feat. Jay Z & J. Ivy)
- No Church In The Wild (with Jay Z & Frank Ocean)
- Lift Off (with Jay Z & Beyoncé)
- The One (feat. Big Sean, 2 Chainz & Marsha Ambrosius)

Severian 02.11.2016 01:28 AM

Ok, it's 2-11... No sign of the album on iTunes or Amazon or Spotify, no zip/rar files, no leaks...

I'd really like to buy my album now. At least place a fucking order.

How exactly is this going to work you guys?

louder 02.11.2016 05:54 AM

I signed up to Tidal so I can watch the live stream of the "YEEZY SEASON 3" or whatever event where he's supposed to play the entire album.. you get a 30 day free trial, I'll cancel my membrship right after that. It starts today at 4PM EST.

louder 02.11.2016 05:55 AM

I guess he'll drop the album right after or a few hours later. Might be a digital only release for the first week.

louder 02.11.2016 06:04 AM

Nice list by the way, Sev.

Can't really say much more at the moment because I'm nervous. Give me a while.

noisereductions 02.11.2016 08:08 AM

I kind of figured that even though today was the release date, we won't see it hit until very close to tomorrow. Friday's are new release days now right?

And yeah, I also assumed that we'd see it digital only for at least a week - I mean, it seems like he didn't even know the title or tracklist until a day or two ago. SO how could they have pressed and distributed it physically?

louder 02.11.2016 08:34 AM

Working on my shoes = Picasso
See me on the news = Escobar


Severian 02.11.2016 09:15 AM


Originally Posted by louder
I signed up to Tidal so I can watch the live stream of the "YEEZY SEASON 3" or whatever event where he's supposed to play the entire album.. you get a 30 day free trial, I'll cancel my membrship right after that. It starts today at 4PM EST.

Dammit I'll be at work at 4 pm EST what the hell kind of time for a Tidal event is that?! Shit, man

Severian 02.11.2016 10:33 AM

I just subscribed to Tidal, goddammit, because that's how much I'm tweaking.

I have literally never worked so hard to track down an album in my life. Spent much of the night perusing all the usual places (iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music) and the... ahem... *other* places (Google searches including the phrase "leak," "rar," "zip," "torrent" ...) but obviously I got nothing.

For the record, I have NEVER actually managed to cancel a subscription before the end of the free trial. Never. I continue to pay for Amazon prime, Spotify premium, Apple Music and god knows how many per services just because, y'know, I'm too busy to pay attention and just say "fuck it, I'll do it later" whenever I do remember, which is of course exactly what these companies all count on. But screw it.

Severian 02.11.2016 10:44 AM


Originally Posted by louder
Nice list by the way, Sev.

Thanks bro. You wouldn't believe how long it took me to put that shit together. I basically spent my entire evening on it, going through the albums one by one while doing some work from home.

I thought I had a pretty solid idea of what my ABSOLUTE favorite 'Ye tracks were. I mean, I've been addicted to Runaway since I got serious and became a fan. I thought it would be easy, but no. I forget about the fact that when I'm listening to the albums, every song sounds perfect and pretty much becomes a favorite when I'm listening to it. Runaway is definitely #1, and I've listened to "Good Morning" literally every. single. day. For the past three years because I use it as my alarm in the am. The fact that I still sing along with it and play it at other points in the day after more than 1,095 consecutive days of hearing it says a lot. And "Gorgeous" has just kind of pushed itself into my DNA. I think it's probably Kanye's best lyrical performance from a "flow" standpoint.

But everything else is pretty much impossible. I had to take off "Don't Stop" and "We Major" and "The Glory" and so many other tracks just because I was losing my mind, and had to force some cuts.

The only other artists that would be that hard for me to list are probably Sonic Youth, Ths Beatles and The Flaming Lips. Only Sonic Youth would truly cause this much turmoil. I guess that means Kanye is my favorite currently active artist in the world.

I know.... big news. You guys totally care about all this. ;)

Severian 02.11.2016 10:46 AM

HEY! Louder, NR, p green... Anyone...

Distract me by posting YOUR favorite Kanye songs. See if you can do a top 10 that you feel confident about. If not, go to 25 if you have to.

I need to keep talking about this shit right now.

noisereductions 02.11.2016 11:36 AM

Can't Tell Me Nothing
Drive Slow
Good Morning
Everything I Am
Two Words

hmm... as much as I love Yeezus, I feel like these 10 edge that record out. :0

louder 02.11.2016 01:16 PM

Family Business
Good Morning
All Falls Down
Hell of a Life
Touch the Sky
Black Skinhead

Severian 02.11.2016 01:20 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
Can't Tell Me Nothing
Drive Slow
Good Morning
Everything I Am
Two Words

hmm... as much as I love Yeezus, I feel like these 10 edge that record out. :0

Just listened to Yeezus yesterday, and I felt a little apprehensive about it before hand, thinking it wouldn't feel consistent. I haven't listened to the first half of the album in a while. But it sounded more cohesive and awesome than ever. Pretty much all of the songs are highlights, but Hold My Liquor is epic as hell, and Bound 2 is one of his best singles. It's a tad emotionally draining ... But so is the second half of MBDTF.

No idea how I'd rank the albums at this point.

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