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atsonicpark 06.24.2007 09:06 AM

kayo dot...
just got into this band.

amazing.. beautiful epic neurosis-ish rock with some "challenging" parts thrown in..


i'm sure everyone here already knew of them, but i figured i'd say something. good band.

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 06.24.2007 10:06 AM

I remember downloading one of their cd's off of limewire a couple years back. It was pretty good back then but I don't like it that much any more. Not sure why, maybe Ill give it another listen today.

Glice 06.24.2007 10:41 AM

Perhaps in years to come we'll think of Kayo Dot in the same way we think of the Beatles. This would be wrong, because Kayo Dot are not unmitigated shite.

Cardinal Rob 06.24.2007 11:30 AM

Best band ever.

deathbyfeedback 06.24.2007 11:44 AM

fucking brilliant.

Everyneurotic 06.24.2007 09:28 PM

they're awesome but i don't get too inspired to listen to them a lot.

completely unrelated but unexpect are also amazing, it's like manowar meets magma/ruins

atsonicpark 06.25.2007 10:08 AM

that's how i feel everyneurotic.

will definitely check out unexpect.

ps.. is it just me or is the new neurosis the best album i've heard all year...

Cardinal Rob 06.25.2007 10:52 AM

I'm going to call my kid Kayo.

Everyneurotic 06.25.2007 08:34 PM

the new neurosis album is pretty up there, if i were to make a list and give places, it would be in the top three for sure.

have you heard the new pig destroyer album?

atsonicpark 06.25.2007 10:32 PM

no i have not! how is it?

i just got the new total fucking destruction disc.. it's pretty cool, it's got some neat acoustic stuff...

i wish discordance axis would reunite.

Everyneurotic 06.25.2007 11:10 PM

it's fantastic, it's less noisy than terrifyer and i think they are better for it; it's just brutal, kinda like a mastodon album but intead of being stoner rock they'd be grind.

i've heard good things about total fucking destruction, i better get that album.

jon is not reuniting discordance axis (a shame, i know), hope gridlink finally releases their album and that it delivers on it's promise.

on more grind news, i'm so looking forward to anal cunt's next one, the songtitles are hilarious as expected.

atsonicpark 06.26.2007 09:47 AM

are these song titles real? the ones like "i'm in a wheelchair" and the ones about myspace? because the website that posted that info posted it on april 1st.

will get the new pig destroyer now..

Everyneurotic 06.26.2007 11:01 AM

i'm not sure but i mean "phil anselmo won't return my phone calls anymore" and "neither will scott hull" seem very seth-esque.

i didn't see it was posted on april 1st.

Glice 06.26.2007 11:34 AM

How would you know if Anal Cunt song titles were a joke? 'I'm in a wheelchair' sounds very AC to me.

nicfit 06.30.2007 08:21 AM

Is the spilt with Bloody PAnda good?

atsonicpark 06.30.2007 05:44 PM

hells yeah, the bloody panda split is more cock rocking than a fuckin whore with a sock on your cock trying to eat through it so you can cum on her once-there-but-now-gone-cuz-it-was-eaten-by-maggots fuckin maggoty knub of a stump leg that you like to shove in people's asses to make em go whee

and then after you go whee a bitch likes to bite the fucking roaring tickle cum from shit pickle invisible anal daughter shit sludge magpie on a colostomy bag enema fuck.

rating: 7.6/10

(c) pitchforkmedia

Everyneurotic 06.30.2007 11:20 PM

bloody panda fucking rule!!!!!

nicfit 07.01.2007 05:30 AM

I'll take both your statements as "yes".

Everyneurotic 07.01.2007 12:31 PM

oh, i haven't heard the split but i have heard bp's album and it's amazing.

like my dying bride covering burning witch and replacing the brit singer with a japanese girl. fucking a.

nicfit 07.01.2007 12:40 PM

would you like to "hear" the split? I had to get it in files, I have no turntable, buaaah.

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