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pad_023 02.28.2013 11:00 AM
Last nights show featuring Ramleh, Thought Forms, White Noise and the Flaming Tunes.

pad_023 03.21.2013 08:53 AM

Show from last night. Features an interview with Roy Montgomery towards the end.

pad_023 04.05.2013 02:32 PM

This week's show. Charlie from Thought Forms guest hosted and picked some tracks. Had some mic issues so there is some feedback in some parts.

hipster_bebop_junkie 04.05.2013 11:48 PM


Originally Posted by pad_023

This week's show. Charlie from Thought Forms guest hosted and picked some tracks. Had some mic issues so there is some feedback in some parts.

Many thanks, looking forward to listening. I'm even ripping this for my archive.

Sorry I cannot rep you, I really appreciate this.

pad_023 04.07.2013 12:47 PM

No worries, thanks for listening.

@Bytor I can send you mp3s if you like?

pad_023 04.25.2013 09:43 AM

This week's show featuring Flamingods from London who kind of sound like a cross between Boredoms and early Animal Collective.

Trama 04.25.2013 02:01 PM


SPEKTRMODULE by Warren Ellis (the writer)

pad_023 06.03.2013 06:55 PM

Did an interview with Sun Araw on my last show, you can listen back here

A Thousand Threads 06.21.2013 03:09 AM

Ö1-Zeit-Ton: Music Unlimited #25 curated by Peter Brötzmann (2011)

some highlights of this fantastic festival,
all taken from the very awesome 5CD Box-Set that was released earlier this year.

featured live recordings:
Peter Brötzmann/Ken Vandermark/Mats Gustafsson
Keiji Haino
Masahiko Satoh
Ken Vandermark/Kent Kessler/Hamid Drake/Mats Gustafsson/Massimo Pupillo/Paal Nilssen-Love

Trama 06.29.2013 06:03 AM


The FFFoxy Podcast

Welcome to The FFFoxy Podcast, a bi-monthly show presented by Free Form Freakout that is devoted to digging deeper into underground and experimental music from the past and present.

sy2004 06.30.2013 03:55 AM


Cunt 01.21.2014 10:33 AM

Blackest Ever Black NTS Radio show

pad_023 01.31.2014 11:24 AM

My radio show will be returning for a monthly slot on NTS Live, it will be broadcast this Sunday between 9am-10am (GMT).

You can listen here

pad_023 02.02.2014 06:42 PM

Stream here

pad_023 03.02.2014 12:36 PM

My NTS show from today

Bytor Peltor 03.23.2014 06:04 PM

A little help please:

Is there anyway to download the Brainwashed podcast as MP3's?

When I "right click and save as," it downloads as M4A file and my player doesn't recognize / play those type of files.


pad_023 04.13.2014 03:23 PM

2 Hour New Zealand special I did today

Cunt 04.18.2014 07:05 AM

A Duck in a Tree by Zoviet France

Bytor Peltor 05.06.2014 11:41 AM

My buddy, Jeffrey Thames aka The King Of Grief will be featuring The Cure's, 'Disintegration' today on his radio show: Sound Awake starting at 2pm Central.

'Disintegration' was released on May 1, 1989.





pad_023 05.17.2014 03:13 AM

Henry from MIE was on this show last week. Played an exclusive from Pat Murano & Tom Carter's forthcoming LP.

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