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hipster_bebop_junkie 12.31.2011 08:59 PM

Non-Event podcast with cream of the crop artists such as Mark Fell, Francisco Lopez, Katarina Miljkovic, etc.., and Rafael Toral & Chris Corsano performing at the Eisenberg Loft on March 3, 2011 :eek::

pad_023 01.19.2012 11:14 AM

I'll be doing my radio show tonight at 9pm GMT. I will also have an interview with Bitch Magnet along with tracks from artists such as Flying Saucer Attack, Sun Araw, Floating Points, Cluster and John Maus.

You can tune in here by following the link and press listen live

pad_023 01.22.2012 02:17 PM

My radio show from Thursday, interview with Bitch Magnet from 56:37-1.08.30

sy2004 01.26.2012 04:37 PM
french dj's but often great discoveries
always starts with SY-sample ;)

sy2004 01.26.2012 04:39 PM

Similar as above:

stu666 04.17.2012 12:23 AM

Tall Firs will be doing a live set on WNYU today...

stu666 04.17.2012 06:20 PM

shit, I forgot about this. I hope someone recorded it or it will be archived....

hirsute_biped 04.19.2012 06:05 PM

Just looking at the Meat Puppets site for the first time, has some mediafire links to 80's era outtakes (havn't tried 'em yet), flyer archive, videos, etc...

seems to be the work of the reformed Derek Bostrom

if'n you dig the pups...

pad_023 04.27.2012 12:02 PM

My radio show from last night

pad_023 05.10.2012 02:38 PM

If anyone is interested you can catch my radio show from 9pm GMT tonight. Just press listen live.

Goo 05.10.2012 02:54 PM

no one is interested. fuck right off out of here

pad_023 05.10.2012 09:30 PM


Originally Posted by Goo
no one is interested. fuck right off out of here

I just uploaded it for you ;)

stu666 11.21.2012 06:16 PM

The Reverb on wednesdays at 6.30pm. Tonight some of my live recordings of Thurston Moore and Swans were played.

pad_023 12.02.2012 04:01 PM

The show I did today

pad_023 02.13.2013 11:40 AM

I will be broadcasting my show Perfect Sound Forever from 6:30pm (GMT) tonight on Wired Radio. I still have a terrific show lined up for you which will feature noisey post-hardcore, minimalist psychedelia and a cut from a haunting horror movie soundtrack. Tune in here (Via Chrome or Safari)

EVOLghost 02.13.2013 11:42 AM the title of your show inspired by Perfect Hair Forever?

pad_023 02.13.2013 11:57 AM

Haha no but I might start telling people that. It's actually named after an early Pavement EP.

pad_023 02.14.2013 04:58 PM

The recording of last nights show

pad_023 02.27.2013 11:28 AM

On again tonight from 6:30 gmt

Going to have a mix of burned out psych rock, pastoral space rock, radiophonic workshop inspired electronica and some lo-fi disco in the mix for good measure. Tune in here

nobye-noaloha 02.28.2013 09:59 AM

here is my radio show blog (in french) but i try to do not talk too much !!!
have a good listen, i mostly play Noise, Hip-Hop, weird Electro, Rock...

i also create a facebook group :

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