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Bytor Peltor 06.21.2018 08:12 AM

Their BC page only offers one track to preview, but this Ghost Bitch - Ghost Bitch, released in 2016, is packed full of magnetic noise and one of the best things I’ve heard in a while.

gohleekwang 07.12.2018 05:40 AM

First post since many yearssss.
Check out:

Bytor Peltor 07.15.2018 06:26 AM

More Eaze / The Freebiez two Texas acts releasing this split last year......full of lush synth goodness!

Bytor Peltor 07.30.2018 04:06 AM

Received a few tapes in the mail this past weekend:

Ak chamell - The Giver Of Illness’: DEATH CHANTS
They are from Houston

Modern Folk - MF 666

evollove 07.30.2018 07:03 PM

Modular synth stuff recorded on tape. Hells yeah.

Bytor Peltor 08.07.2018 10:00 AM

Thanks for sharing, evollove.

Believe you will enjoy this from Baked Tapes

Originally Posted by evollove
Modular synth stuff recorded on tape. Hells yeah.

evollove 08.08.2018 08:36 AM

^ This sounds like the 1980s. I mean, I was tossed back into my childhood.

Savage Clone 08.08.2018 08:55 AM

I'm enjoying that one myself right now.

blunderbuss 09.05.2018 01:45 AM

Your Own Portable Clarinette: A Free Collection of Free Music by Clarinette

"Free to all, a 2 hour and 37 minute sampling of Clarinette through the years. In no particular order the collection includes tracks from early albums like Haze on vinyl on Ecstatic Peace/Father Yod from 2002 to The Now Of Then on vinyl on Feeding Tube from 2017 and including something from every album and EP as well as a handful of tracks never officially released, plus one new thing that I haven't even found a home for or even finished!

Still no clarinets but lots of guitars, pianos, noise, drones and bounding sound."

The Soup Nazi 09.16.2018 07:31 PM


Marisa Anderson Folkadelphia Session 7​/​6​/​2018

Available for a name-your-price, no minimum, but do NOT be a ding-dong; pay something, you cheap bastard!

The Soup Nazi 09.21.2018 06:34 PM


From Bandcamp Daily:
Thalia Zedek, Underrated Indie Rock Hero

The Soup Nazi 09.25.2018 05:31 PM


This Friday, Stand with Bandcamp to Protect Voting Rights for All


In just seven weeks, the United States will hold its midterm elections—a vitally important moment that will determine whether the country stays on its current path, or renews its commitment to democracy.

As a community built around the idea of empowering and amplifying individual voices, Bandcamp is doing two things to bolster the democratic process in this historically consequential election.

Voter Registration

First, we’re encouraging U.S. visitors to Bandcamp to register to vote, and helping them do that on our site. The unfortunate fact is that most people don’t vote in midterm elections: only 17% of young people voted in the 2014 midterms, and 40% of eligible voters overall. Turnout for the 2016 presidential election was not much better, with the predictable result being a government that reflects the values and priorities of the very few. We can change this, but only if more of us vote. You can register or find your polling place here.

A Fundraiser to Protect Voting Rights

More immediately, we want to help protect the right to vote itself, which is increasingly under attack by elected officials who seek to stay in power by undemocratically and illegally disenfranchising minorities, young people, and the poor. According to a recent study, 20 states have passed new, restrictive voting laws since 2010, which include arbitrary cutoff dates for early voters, unnecessary burdens on the voter registration process, and a tightening of voter ID requirements. Now more than ever, we need to make sure that every person who wants to exercise their right to vote can do so easily, without hassle, anxiety, or obstruction.

And so this Friday (from midnight to midnight Pacific Time), for any purchase you make on Bandcamp, we will donate 100% of our share of the proceeds towards the Voting Rights Project, a program led by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law to advance and protect the right to vote and ensure that right is afforded equally to all.

To participate as a fan, simply purchase music through Bandcamp on Friday and we’ll donate our share of the sale to the Voting Rights Project. To participate as an artist or label, send some or all of your share of Friday’s sales directly to the Voting Rights Project here, and let us know your plan in the comments below so that we can help spread the word.

And of course, if you are a U.S. citizen, register to vote today and get out to the polls on November 6th—it’s not hyperbole to say that our future depends on it.

The Soup Nazi 10.02.2018 10:49 PM

This is very cool — Izzy Gets The Fuck Around Town stars Mackenzie Davis and Carrie Coon (yes, that Carrie Coon) cover Heavens To Betsy's "Axemen".


"Love this version" —Corin Tucker

Bytor Peltor 11.05.2018 06:15 PM

Some of what I ordered today:

Midwife - Prayer Hands (shoegaze-ish)

LEAAVES - Panacea For Lightweights ( lush and beautiful)

Senyswa - Sujud (unlike anything else you’ve heard this year)

Dire Wolves - Shootout At The Dildo Factory

blunderbuss 11.08.2018 01:57 AM

Continuing the tradition of its milestone-marking compilations, Carbon is using the occasion of its 25th year to bring together an impressive roster of guitar-based artists. Showcasing the use of guitar in its many forms, this compilation consists of some of the most exciting new and established purveyors of Americana, psych, free-improv, rock, and experimental sounds.

_tunic_ 11.09.2018 01:39 PM


For A Lark by King Champion Sounds


1) Clouds Of Money
2) The Wordsaword
3) Om Bhur Bhuvah Svah (music: Saggar / Heffernan / Siderius)
4) What Amanda Meant
5) Memory Is Imagined (words: Imaad Wasif // music: Steve Gunn / Saggar / Heffernan /Siderius)

6) This, Mate
7) Big Red Button
8) Low Hanging Fruit (words: Merinde Verbeek // music: Saggar / Heffernan / Siderius)
9) Speaking Of Crow
10) Mirror The Soul (for Laurie Spiegel) (music: BJ Nilsen / Saggar / Heffernan / Siderius)

released November 9, 2018

AJAY SAGGAR (guitar, tanpura, omnichord, programming, electronica)
G.W. SOK (vocals)
OLI HEFFERNAN (bass, synthesiser, harmonium, Farfisa, piano)
MEES SIDERIUS (drums, vibraphone, piano, melodica, cimbalom, oil barrel, bell)
DITMER WEERTMAN (alto saxophone)
ELSA VAN DER LINDEN (tenor saxophone, flute)

+ STEVE GUNN (guitar on track 5)
+ IMAAD WASIF (vocal on track 5)
+ BJ NILSEN (electronica on track 10)
+ HOLLY HABSTRITT GAAL (trumpet on tracks 1,2,4,7,9. Backing vocals on tracks 1,4,9)
+ MERINDE VERBEEK (vocals on tracks 6,8)
+ SASKIA V/D GIESSEN (violin on tracks 1,4,9)
+ KAY KESTING (cello on tracks 1,4,9)

King Champion Sounds are Ajay, GW Sok, Oli, Mees, Ditmer, Chris, Elsa

Touching on the jams created by The Fall, Can, Sun Ra, Captain Beefheart, Public Image Limited, King Tubby, this band will set your pulse racing. Don't miss out!!!

and they released a 7" Paradiso 3 Song EP at the same time as well

_tunic_ 11.09.2018 01:48 PM


In Our Circle by Rivulets


released October 19, 2018

Recorded & mixed by Mike Bridavski at Russian Recording in Bloomington, IN

Additional recording by Nic Coolidge at Studio Faust in Prague

Mastered by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service

All songs by Nathan Amundson © 2018 Rivulets, BMI

Nathan Amundson - guitars, piano, organ, voice

Nathan Vollmar - drums, percussion

Francesco Candura - bass

Photography by Nathan Amundson

Design by Chloé Lefr ant (Talitres)

Bytor Peltor 11.13.2018 03:36 AM

Daniel Menche - “D'entre les morts". (Mastered by Andrew Liles)

Menche was asked to do the “soundtrack” for the book, D'ENTRE LES MORTS.

The book is about a man on a train who is eating glass and becoming insane. Menche recorded trains and glass crunching under his feet along with other sounds and electronic noises......20:02 long.

The book comes with a 3” CD of the recording.

Bytor Peltor 11.23.2018 12:53 AM

Three Lobed Records is having a Black Friday sale......yoy can get 20% off anything in the store (no exceptions) if you use the code “mufon_research” at checkout.

The sale ends at 11:59pm UTC on Friday November 23.

A good bit of Kurt Vile & Steve Gunn
Bardo Pond / Yo La Tengo split
......lots of other stuff

Bytor Peltor 11.23.2018 01:06 AM

Forbidden Place Records is having a Balque Friday can save 30% when you use the discount code: Turkey Neck

For your consideration:
Tongue Party - Drugs, Probably

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