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k-krack 01.16.2007 10:40 PM


Originally Posted by hipster_bebop_junkie
My Bloody Valentine-Loveless.


Inspired by the MBV thread, maybe? I've had a crwaving for them for a while now. Maybe tomorrow. Right now...
The Blood Brothers- Crimes

...I'm burnin' up this thread lately..sorry.

krastian 01.17.2007 02:32 AM


Originally Posted by Signpost
Bardo Pond - 2005-07-11 - 930 Club

I was there, G;)




Sometimes you just have to.

Katy 01.17.2007 04:14 AM


porkmarras 01.17.2007 04:26 AM


jon boy 01.17.2007 05:03 AM

today is a day of double leopards and keili haino.

davenotdead 01.17.2007 05:39 AM


RdTv 01.17.2007 06:26 AM


sonic sphere 01.17.2007 08:40 AM

the velvet underground-live with lou reed 1969 vol. 2

Iain 01.17.2007 09:38 AM


Originally Posted by A Thousand Threads
You mean Electronic Meditation, right?
Iīm listenig to it right now and itīs amazing,
but i canīt be bothered to listen to their other stuff.

Yeah, Krautrocksampler is a fine book,
there should be a law that everybody must read it.

Yes indeed. It's pretty great. I also listened to a bit of Zeit and that's quite nice. Different to Electronic Meditation...reeeaaaally quite ambient and droney but nice.

James Blonde 01.17.2007 10:11 AM

James Blonde enjoys Dinosaur Jr at the moment.

Katy 01.17.2007 12:02 PM

I was just listening to:

Now I'm listening to:

sun city girl 01.17.2007 01:14 PM


sonic sphere 01.17.2007 01:41 PM

dinosaur jr-bug

jimbrim 01.17.2007 01:51 PM


James Blonde 01.17.2007 01:54 PM

Galaxie 500 with James Blonde.

samuel 01.17.2007 02:17 PM

The Whole of the Law - Yo La Tengo

porkmarras 01.17.2007 03:49 PM


k-krack 01.17.2007 03:52 PM

Just listened to NYCG+F, which is awesome... another one I commonly forget it's awesomeness.
Am now listening to Isn't Anything by MBV.

scott v 01.17.2007 03:56 PM








king_buzzo 01.17.2007 04:51 PM

nothing at the time

porkmarras 01.17.2007 04:53 PM



noumenal 01.17.2007 04:58 PM

I'm listening to the Genesis song "Anyway" from The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway while staring at Giada de Laurentiis's boobs on the Food Network. The song kinda sucks, but it's amusing.

porkmarras 01.17.2007 05:32 PM


TheDom 01.17.2007 05:34 PM

toots & the maytals - 54-46 was my number (anthology)

porkmarras 01.17.2007 06:39 PM


porkmarras 01.17.2007 07:01 PM


k-krack 01.17.2007 08:14 PM

Black Pus- Black Pus I

k-krack 01.17.2007 09:09 PM

Happy Go Licky- Will Play

krastian 01.18.2007 01:32 AM


compulsive diarrhea, jico 01.18.2007 07:48 AM


oh yeah.

sonicl 01.18.2007 07:53 AM


jon boy 01.18.2007 11:13 AM

i am listening to the classic sounds of the 7th of january 1998.

hotogisu really

A Thousand Threads 01.18.2007 11:18 AM


sonic sphere 01.18.2007 12:11 PM

the velvet underground & nico

Iain 01.18.2007 12:15 PM

Ghedalia Tazartes...he's bloody good too.

compulsive diarrhea, jico 01.18.2007 03:25 PM


nuno canavarro - plux quba

fuckin excellent album.

Norma J 01.18.2007 03:30 PM

You Am I: Dress Me Slowly.

PAULYBEE2656 01.18.2007 03:42 PM


k-krack 01.18.2007 05:49 PM

A friend of mine's cover of Boards of Canada's Pete Standing Alone.

porkmarras 01.18.2007 06:02 PM

Red House Painters - Katy Song

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