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!@#$%! 03.25.2006 07:43 PM

stereolab vs. animal collective pt. 2
well not really "vs." but i asked which show to go to & that got a nice response, so here is my followup.

i ended up going to BOTH shows, stereolab on tuesday & animal collective last night. because of work/ travel we ended up arriving just as both shows began. we couldn't find patrick & jenn & the show because of this, and then we left quickly as we were exhausted from a long drive (hello guys!).

while i consider animal collective the more innovative and adventurous band, i'll confess i enjoyed stereolab more. they were just amazing. animal collective on the other hand, because of the nature of their music, didn't always come across so well live-- the details that are so important to their recordings tend to get muddled onstage. on the faster songs they did it was amazing though, they jumped around the stange all banging on the drums & screaming and it was fucking intense, but when they went back more to the ambient/drone oriented music the effect wasn't as good. still they sound like nothing else you've heard elsewehere. and that was the greatest thing. best of all we ended up scoring a lotta records, both cd & vinyl, so many the dude gave us a free bag.

stereolab was just spectacular & we were happy as fuck. they started kinda slow & stiff and i feared they were getting old (they are, after all) but as they warmed up laetitia became this mythical beauty & we were all high on her voice. i just can't explain how good this show was because my mind was in an altered state. they really gave us more than we had expected. i mean they've been playing together for over 15 years & it shows-- they get their stuff together amazingly. the last thing they played was this hallucinatory jam that moved through latin-tinged dance and psychedelia & all our minds were blown. the show was right out of a fucking dream. sadly the new record was sold out but we scored a little 45 that we haven't been able to play as our host doesn't have a working turntable. etc.

well that was that. im happy to see both but if i had to chose just one... well some bands are great on studio others are great live & i think stereolab won this time. (i'd like to see AC in 15 years though!).

ok. that was that.

trance feeeedback 03.25.2006 07:55 PM

man!! i am really upset i missed them last night in austin! Damn damn damn!!! sorry i got it out of my system now. Sterolab is one of my favorite bands of all time, even if thier newer stuff isn't so great i still love them. I heard yesterday in Austin, somebody threw a black bra onstage and Laetitia began to play with it, and i missed it! oh well, thats life!

pantophobia 03.25.2006 08:19 PM

actually jenn and I didn't make down for the show, sorry we couldn't make it

sounds like it was a great show, hope we can get together at another show t some point though, maybe SY or Erase Errata or somebody

!@#$%! 03.25.2006 08:33 PM

oh you didn't make it! no wonder! damn. well we'll be in DC until tuesday only, and are working all weekend on a video project, but it would be great to see you guys at a show. maybe bonaroo? maybe elsewhsere...!

& laetitia-- oh she was something else

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