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_slavo_ 08.02.2010 01:25 PM

Been digging them quite a lot lately.

Anyone on my ship?

atsonicpark 08.02.2010 11:43 PM

This is the band that made Suburban Tours, right? Yeah they're pretty decent.. I thought for sure someone else made a thread about them, maybe not.

atsonicpark 08.02.2010 11:44 PM

edit: hey I was right:

_slavo_ 08.03.2010 02:01 AM

yeah, true.
though this is some of the more interesting stuff I've got to hear this month.

atsonicpark 08.03.2010 03:32 AM

Yeah it's pretty cool.

the ikara cult 09.24.2010 06:31 PM

Since March slavo mate, Suburban Tours is the best album ive heard this year by some way. Its absolute class.

It doesnt surprise me that people are enjoying his work. You can get his early cassettes online too, ive been listening to them intently since ive found them.

Joe Knight is serious business, i cant wait to hear the next thing he does.

the ikara cult 11.02.2011 03:57 PM

New album is out now.

He hasnt rushed this out in 6 months, he's actually taken his time with it. I think he's one of the most talented people releasing music at the moment, he outstrips the James Ferraro/Ducktails/real estate/wavves crowd by making his music sound like it knows its purpose instinctively without having to reach for it. Its rare to find something that feels so sincere and natural.

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