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acousticrock87 01.31.2009 01:25 PM


Originally Posted by lechaoscestmoi

Regarding N*E*R*D's Fly or Die, in case you forgot: Yeah, I think so. For what it is--rap hitmakers just having fun--it's very enjoyable. Although the Good Charlotte collaboration is a bit much.

sonic sphere 01.31.2009 03:08 PM

indigo jones-death of a matador

viewtiful_alan 01.31.2009 03:56 PM



EvdWee 01.31.2009 06:12 PM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere
indigo jones-death of a matador

nice, saw them a few times as support for I Am Kloot. Everyday Andy and Whiskey Song are my favourites.

captain beefheart - on tomorrow

fugazifan 01.31.2009 06:28 PM

goblin-profondo rosso

EvdWee 01.31.2009 07:05 PM


Originally Posted by Diesel
rincon to valderrama, valderrama to asprilla....

sonic youth to mike ashley, innit

who is mike ashley?

stu666 01.31.2009 07:14 PM


Sonic Youth 37 01.31.2009 09:00 PM


Which I will follow with:

and possibly:

1st time for all three

noisereductions 01.31.2009 09:10 PM

Carter II is incredible.

Sonic Youth 37 01.31.2009 10:08 PM

Tha Carter is 30 minutes too long it seems to me.

Actually, I'm not going to get to the other two tonight. Maybe tomorrow.

deflinus 01.31.2009 11:07 PM

modest mouse - life like weeds

they always work their way back into my heart no matter how much they kinda suck now. i wish i had the live version to this. it is completely sick

joe11121 01.31.2009 11:43 PM

Both EVOL and Murray Street


StevOK 01.31.2009 11:48 PM


Originally Posted by joe11121
Both EVOL and Murray Street



It would be really awesome if you listened to them both at the same time.

joe11121 01.31.2009 11:51 PM

hahaha well right now it evol then murray street.

acousticrock87 02.01.2009 02:43 AM

I'm totally doing that right now.

"My violence is the empty page."

acousticrock87 02.01.2009 02:45 AM

Okay this is incredible.

Rain on Tin and Kingdom #19 go together well.

deflinus 02.01.2009 02:53 AM

q-tip - gettin' up

i need a girl to rub my junk on to this song

Derek 02.01.2009 07:32 AM


to.w 02.01.2009 07:40 AM


stu666 02.01.2009 07:44 AM


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