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krastian 07.13.2008 06:43 PM

Dig That Body Up, It's Alive

Death & the Maiden 07.13.2008 07:52 PM

668 Neighbour of the Beast

atsonicpark 07.13.2008 07:57 PM

i always liked really direct one word names like FLOOR, HELMET, UNSANE, FRIDGE, TAR, stuff like that.

pbradley 07.13.2008 08:40 PM

single names like Chavez, Boris, and maybe even Melvins can be included are awesome

Green Magnesium 07.14.2008 12:22 AM

Dead Moon

Big Black

Ugly Beauty

Machine Head

Sleepytime Gorilla Museum ( a deliberately stupid name, but I love the band )

acousticrock87 07.14.2008 12:31 AM

I've always thought Steepytime Gorilla Museum was a pretty good name. It's weird and easy to remember. It's the only reason I decided (and remembered) to listen to them.

Green Magnesium 07.14.2008 01:06 AM

Yeah the name actually drew me to them as well. I thought it was gonna be some lame comedy/rock type act.

Very different from what I expected but they really are something.

BootsyGraham 07.14.2008 01:13 AM

The Whoremones
Butthole Surfers
Sonic Youth

GrungeMonkey 07.14.2008 03:55 AM

I always thought "Radio 4" was a great name for a band. Still never heard them.

atsonicpark 07.14.2008 07:00 AM

sleepy time gorilla museum are good.. but idiot flesh were better.

Cantankerous 07.14.2008 08:08 AM

ghost ice

i just like the way it sounds. and maybe because i know him, which is nothing impressive because i have since i was like ten.

MellySingsDoom 07.14.2008 08:30 AM

Bastard Kestrel (late 80's English noise outfit, in the same area as Terminal Cheesecake).
Smell and Quim (Srdan Whatsisface's long-running Whitehouse "tribute" band)
Fistfuck (very early 80's female power electronics duo)

MellySingsDoom 07.14.2008 11:45 AM

My God, I almost forgot the legendary Stretch Heads:

gualbert 07.14.2008 11:58 AM

Meat Puppets.

sarramkrop 07.14.2008 12:15 PM

Meth Teeth
Psychedelic Horseshit
Guinea Worms

Glice 07.14.2008 12:32 PM

Not a band yet, but I may start a side-project called 'sex pesto'.

Rob Instigator 07.14.2008 12:33 PM

Rusted Shut - sounds exactly like their music

d~rek 07.14.2008 07:56 PM

i like japanese hardcore
Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass
Surf nazis must die
i hate you when you're pregnant

MellySingsDoom 07.14.2008 07:59 PM


Originally Posted by Glice
Not a band yet, but I may start a side-project called 'sex pesto'.

Ha ha ha ha! Another classic Glice post.

d~rek - I saw Fudge Tunnel in 1992 supporting Silverfish. They were v good live.

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 07.14.2008 08:00 PM

I like Green Jelly.

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