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Moshe 06.24.2019 02:25 AM

Tiny Fingers - Barby, Tel Aviv
Mono - Barby, Tel Aviv
Ghedalia Tazartes - Levontin 7, Tel Aviv
Godflesh - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham

Neurosis - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Big Lad - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Hey Colossus - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Savage Realm - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Yob - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Do.omyoga featuring Henge - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Aja - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Big Joanie - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Blanket - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
CZN - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Daniel Higgs - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Faten Kanaan- Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Hen Ogledd - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
HHY & The Macumbas - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Matters - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Prison Religion - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
The Body - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
The Bug feat. Moor Mother - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Air Loom - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Anna von Hausswolff - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Body/Vice - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Dalek - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Haress - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Jerusalem In My Heart - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Mono - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham
The Seer - Supersonic Festival, Birmingham

Trippy Wicked and the Cosmic Children of the Knight - The Dome, London
Weedeater - The Dome, London
ASG - The Dome, London

Eyehategod - Levontin 7, Tel Aviv
Harakiri For The Sky - Gagarin, Tel Aviv
Tropical Fuck Storm - Barby, Tel Aviv
Laibach -Reading 3, Tel Aviv

_tunic_ 06.24.2019 04:11 AM

show-off :D

Moshe 06.28.2019 06:01 AM

:p :p :p

Originally Posted by _tunic_
show-off :D

ilduclo 06.28.2019 07:55 AM

Melvins with Red X

Peterpuff 07.01.2019 01:14 PM

Just found out GWAR are playing here the NIGHT BEFORE Halloween. What kinda cock-tease is that shit... I would love to see a Halloween night GWAR show!

Peterpuff 07.16.2019 10:51 AM

Just got a ticket for Slayer/Primus/Ministry. Omaha was the closest show, which is a bit of a travel. Never been there. Anyone here live around that area that could recommend some cool shit to do/see in the area?

Bertrand 07.16.2019 01:02 PM

Primus and Ministry??? Oh...

Two festivals:
One in France, la Route du Rock, Saint-Malo: Big Thief, Sharon Van Etten and the following day Pond, Black Midi, Stereolab, Tame Impala, Fontaines D.C. and Idles
The other in the Netherlands, the Effenaar Fuzz CLub, Eindhoven: Acid Baby Jesus, Minami Deutsch, the Telescopes and the following day les Big Byrd, Tess Parks and Kikagaku Moyo among many others

Considering not going to Groningen, as it's a bit too far (6 hours), on a week day, but the Vera 12 sept. show looks sooo good... Thurston Moore and the Ex...

_tunic_ 07.17.2019 08:58 AM

The Ex will play the same shows in other Dutch cities too, see
with Thurston and other guests. It's their 40th anniversary.

I might go to that festival in Eindhoven since I live there, but given my current state of my ears I doubt it.

Bertrand 07.18.2019 12:13 PM

Thanks for the link.
Sorry about your hearing. A taste of tinnitus doesn't make you wanna know the real thing. If it's that (a friend has seen his hearing decline, then it turned out his inner ear had ceased to work ; since, the worst he's experienced is vertigos coupled with lots of puking, inability to walk a straight line... and even during a no-noise/cool gig, he said it was at times painful).

Peterpuff 07.19.2019 04:54 PM


Originally Posted by Bertrand
Primus and Ministry??? Oh...

Yeah. Phil Anselmo also has a current band playing Pantera sets, who are also on that bill. It's going to be really odd seeing this lineup in 2019, but holy hell it's like a 14-year-old me's total wet dream. This show is going to be one intense nostalgia trip.

That French festival lineup looks pretty awesome. I have posted in the Black Midi thread how much I would love to see them play. I think they would be a really enjoyable show. Plus, with Stereolab playing...nice. I have also been mildly intrigued by Idles. I can see where they could be totally hit or miss live.

Drjohnrock 07.19.2019 11:05 PM

Probably will go to see Brian Wilson in September. The Zombies are opening. In addition to the current touring band, which includes original members Colin Blunstone and Rod Argent, two more of the five original members will also be performing.

Bertrand 07.21.2019 05:40 AM

This looks like time traveling.

Drjohnrock 07.24.2019 05:28 PM

Not at all:

Savage Clone 07.24.2019 09:44 PM

Opening for the wonderful Altin Gun next Tuesday. They do classic Turkish psych right.

Bytor Peltor 07.25.2019 09:34 AM

Believe this will be my eighth time seeing The Legendary Pink Dots. Third straight time seeing, Orbit Service, as the opener. Sadly, the 5th straight time seeing them with no live drums. The Dots are touring a new album: Angel In The Detail


Karbach is a Houston brewery who are starting to host concerts. They had Cheap Trick play on July 4th and I heard it was a great show. Anyway, I’ve always wanted to see, High On Fire, and this might be my only chance. Also, another opportunity to see, Pat Travers Band. November is a GREAT time to be outside in Houston.

Peterpuff 07.25.2019 09:49 AM


Originally Posted by Bytor Peltor
Anyway, I’ve always wanted to see, High On Fire, and this might be my only chance.

I saw them a few times, but it's been 8 years or so ago. Worth every penny though. Nice and sludgy...and LOUD. Hope you enjoy!

Savage Clone 07.25.2019 05:16 PM

I'll be catching the legendary pink dots on that 40th anniversary tour as well. I think I might have seen them almost 25 times by now. One of my favorite bands to ever live, and always interesting no matter what form they take.

_tunic_ 08.26.2019 02:01 AM

Hey Bertrand, there's a cool little free festival not far from you in a few weeks, on the island Ile d'Yeu, with Sing Sinck Sing (featuring Efrim of Godspeed You Black Emperor) and Claire M Singer:

I know that island by heart, I used to spend my holidays there in my teens. It's quite amazing that Efrim is playing there

Bertrand 09.14.2019 05:05 AM

Well, he must have some friends around here. Don't see any other reason.

Last year, Godspeed... played in Rennes, in a big venue.

And he played Rennes again yesterday, in a chapel turned into a music academy (there were posters here and there) with Kevin Doria.

Haven't gone to witness it.

_slavo_ 09.18.2019 08:14 AM

Black Midi on Sept 30 in Zurich (Bogen F club)

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