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Bytor Peltor 11.02.2008 09:51 PM


Originally Posted by fugazifan
whats this?

The Hafler Trio - Kill The King


viewtiful_alan 11.02.2008 09:52 PM

What are these and what do they sound like?

narlus 11.02.2008 10:06 PM

all my TFUL282 on shuffle

uhler 11.02.2008 10:30 PM


greedrex 11.03.2008 03:09 AM

I've never been a fan but this is pretty good and invigorating in the morning:

SYRFox 11.03.2008 05:18 AM


[Sandbag] 11.03.2008 03:06 PM


jimbrim 11.03.2008 04:08 PM


uhler 11.03.2008 05:02 PM


Bytor Peltor 11.03.2008 05:17 PM


Originally Posted by viewtiful_alan
What are these and what do they sound like?

The Hafler Trio is a difficult band to describe. Electronic weirdness that can be a tad abrasive at times. Nothing along the lines of Merzbow......more like dragging sandpaper across the floor. The majority of their albums are only one or two tracks. Usually starting quite and building toward the unknown......soon as you think you know where the track is headed, it all of a sudden switches direction. Their album packaging is even stranger. Most of the wording on the CD's is printed in reversed mirror......meaning you must hold the CD up to the mirror to read what is printed. Try and check out thier website as you will get lost trying to navagate it : )

The Legendary Pink Dots have been around since the early 80's. Most describe them as being some version of prog rock......and they are at times. A very unique sound as a band as is Edward Ka-spels vocals. Check out this link and then click on the "Joey The Canary" mp3 for a quick listen:

uhler 11.03.2008 05:37 PM


Sonic Youth 37 11.03.2008 06:27 PM

Over the last little while:

So Long, Scarecrow - Scarling.
Vaya - At The Drive-In
Vivian Girls - Vivian Girls

Dead-Air 11.03.2008 10:41 PM

"Nasa Arab" by Coil from Space Daze

sonic sphere 11.04.2008 06:04 AM

megadeth-the system has failed

Bytor Peltor 11.04.2008 07:43 AM

Just let the dogs out this morning and they started chasing the neighbors cat that was in our backyard. All that barking and commotion was a nice way to start off the morning : )

Now I'm listening to this: Kikuri - "give me back the colour you stole from my guts" from 'pulverized purple'

noisereductions 11.04.2008 08:01 AM


I absolutely love it. I dont see what's not to love. I didnt' think I could possibly like it as much as CRYPTOGRAMS, but I'm pretty sure I already prefer it. The first time I listened to it was the first day that the days got shorter because we set the clocks back. Somehow, that was a fitting soundtrack.

jimbrim 11.04.2008 08:13 AM


Bytor Peltor 11.04.2008 01:04 PM


viewtiful_alan 11.04.2008 01:08 PM

See I really like that one, but I always feel a tad pretentious saying its 'great' since, lets face it, its noise.
Haha I never ever reccomend any noise to people unless I hate them.

Derek 11.04.2008 01:09 PM


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