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Jt 04.09.2007 06:00 PM

So c'mon, between us we must have a pretty brilliant SY collection. Show me what you've got - vinyl, cd, flexi or otherwise. What're you most proud of? What do you regret buying?! What cost the most?!!! What's the most interesting?!!!!! What's the RAREST?!??!?!?!????????

I want to see some of the coolest SY wares out there. We probably did this last week or something but y'know.

I don't really have an SY vinyl collection. I only bothered grabbing this:



I'm gonna sell and look for a Neutral copy.

HaydenAsche 04.09.2007 06:02 PM

I have a small SY vinyl collection. About have of the studio albums, some splits, and four of the syrs.

My favorite of them is the split with Erase Errata.

Danny Himself 04.09.2007 06:14 PM

Lets go on a sonic tour of my room, through all my SY stuff. I actually missed a bunch of things, but whatever:
It starts at the door. :]
Poster I got at a gig 2 years ago, the night I met SY.
Not really SY related, but check it out.
The record wall. Just try to blank the femmes record out.
Old guitar player mag with Thurston on the cover. Ebay, bitch, Ebay.
CD Collection. Note I have the original editions as well as deluxe ones.
Others, spares.

EDIT: Whoops, posted too soon. Here's more:
Other records, but I forgot to take a picture of the orange vinyl 100% single, numbered.

Jt 04.09.2007 06:24 PM

Niiice. I really need to get myself some SY merch along with the music. Though I do have a custom-made *PURPLE AND LILAC* version of the Goo t-shirt which I feel is pretty sharp.

N. j. on the DDN effort, too.

Danny Himself 04.09.2007 06:32 PM

I have some t-shirts too, but thats just about it.

Jt 04.09.2007 07:06 PM

C'monnn people, MOOORRRREEEE. There must be some fucking amazing other finds out there.

HaydenAsche 04.09.2007 07:11 PM

CHOUT and Rob Instigator both have nice collections.

Danny Himself 04.09.2007 07:18 PM

They do.

!@#$%! 04.09.2007 07:35 PM

im neither a fetishist nor a collector. you mean fetishist includes all? ok then. no. lack the gene.

Brett Robinson 04.09.2007 07:35 PM

Ive got a box of miniDV masters sitting by my feet. maybe 20 or so SY-related tapes in there.

Those are cooler to me than my records. Although I've got some cool things like master-dik, promo copy of first EP, touch me I'm sick 12", and made in america clear vinyl

CHOUT 04.09.2007 08:47 PM

This is incomplete - got a few things since.


I've gotten great deals on much of it - $25 for Walls Have Ears, $7.99 Kill Yr Idols (before the CIS/KYR reissue), Zensor S/T for $30 with the Sister Interview Disc, Zensor CIS for $18...

The most I ever paid for a sy record is $65 for the (over)kill yr idols 7".

With cd's


greenlight 04.10.2007 01:51 AM

i allready have 3 sy (related) vinyls! hehe.


the one on the right is my favourite. one on the left i bought just because of lp bonus tracks and the one in the middle I've found in the shop (never heard about this project before) so I grabbed it. haven't heard it yet, coz i still don't have turntable player.

Dead-Air 04.10.2007 02:03 AM

I've got an autographed copy of Kill Your Idols, but I don't feel like taking a photo of it. I had it signed on the Dirty tour at an instore in Seattle. Steve signed the sleeve on the inside since he's not actually on the record.

Anngella 04.10.2007 02:18 AM


Originally Posted by Danny Himself

Are they for sale? My SY collection is incomplete, you see.

whorefrost 04.10.2007 04:01 AM

I love the jazzmaster in the background of that pic... think I might pull a similar stunt..

jon boy 04.10.2007 04:14 AM

have most of their stuff but not all of it. i used to really want it all but relaised that it would drive me mad to do so.

whorefrost 04.10.2007 04:34 AM

ditto. also, began to question the validity of spending money on records of CDs I already own, especially when there is so much other unheard stuff I need to explore

Trasher02 04.10.2007 04:49 AM

I just buy the cd's. I don't own any vinyls, main reason is because I don't own a recordplayer. Even though I'd love to have everything on vinyl, right now I'm pretty happy with my cd's...

Jt 04.10.2007 05:35 AM


Originally Posted by CHOUT
This is incomplete - got a few things since.

Christ almighty, CHOUT... pretty comprehensive. Is that Walls Have Ears numbered?

Washing Machine 04.10.2007 07:16 AM

I often wonder do Sonic Youth own recordings of everything they've ever put out. If they did that would be a killer SY collection. Often people don't ever have their own records in the house..

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