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Moshe 06.04.2009 11:58 PM

Sonic Youth in Brussels
oct 22 brussels
ab (1900)
on sale june 8
info & tickets :

Moshe 06.05.2009 02:10 AM

and this open tonight:

ruben 06.05.2009 02:14 AM

Double yes !
Plus the ab is a really, really nice venue.

Jef Mertens 06.05.2009 08:40 AM

Great! I have a couple of great memories of SY playing in the AB in 99 and 00.
It'll be fun to see them play there again.

greenlight 06.05.2009 11:32 AM

i might go to this one. but i can't buy tix. till next week. hope they last till then....

greenlight 06.05.2009 11:35 AM

Presales (32 euro) start as from Monday June 8th at 11 pm.

Trasher02 06.05.2009 11:53 AM

Sweet, I'll be there. Thanks for the heads up!

michielster 06.05.2009 05:48 PM

AB is a great venue, I'll definatly go to this. One problem though... I have an exam when the ticket sale starts and I'm afraid this will sell out fast :( Any ideas?

Trasher02 06.05.2009 05:52 PM

Haha don't worry it won't sell out that fast.
Just order online or something.

michielster 06.05.2009 06:08 PM

I could order them online at about 13:00, or even go get them at ABshop as I study in Brussels. Think there'll still be tickets then? I remember when I went to Franz Ferdinand in AB it sold out in 10 minutes, though they're probably more popular. But it's still a pretty small venue! (1200 people I think)

Thanks for the help :)

Trasher02 06.05.2009 06:11 PM

Last time I wen to SY in Brussels I had lots of time to order my ticket.
I study in Brussels too, what school do you go to?

michielster 06.05.2009 06:12 PM

I study at RITS, first year. Thanks, I guess I'll have some time to order then! Where do you study?

Trasher02 06.05.2009 06:13 PM

Hetzelfde haha. BGM, gij ook?

michielster 06.05.2009 06:15 PM

Grappig, kleine wereld! Nee, 1AK... Zou anders wel zeer raar zijn 2 Sonic Youth fans in 1 klas zonder dat ze elkaar kennen? :p

Trasher02 06.05.2009 06:20 PM

Bwa ik ken er nog veel die naar SY luisteren in mijn klas zenne. In ieder geval die tickets zullen nie rap weg zijn, als ge na uw examen of les whatever langs de AB gaat zulde wel safe zijn. 1AK... Zit gij dan ook nie met dieje knul van The Galacticos in de klas? Ik dacht da dieje ook opt rits zat.

michielster 06.05.2009 06:24 PM

Mmm ik denk niet dat die in 1AK zit, misschien tweedejaars al? In mijn klas zitten er ook wel luisteraars, maar grote fans niet echt denk ik. Ik ken 1 iemand in 1BGM: Olivier, daar zat ik vroeger mee op school. Goed om te horen wel dat SY wrs niet zo rap uitverkocht zal zijn, wil ze niet missen :)

Nu is het bedtijd!

EvdWee 06.05.2009 07:22 PM

hoe is AB vergeleken met Les Halles?

ruben 06.06.2009 03:36 AM


Originally Posted by EvdWee
hoe is AB vergeleken met Les Halles?

Bigger, better.

I'm pretty confident this won't sell out that fast. I mean, the ab has a capacity of about 1800 people, and believe it or not but The youth isn't that popular (people were comparing it to the franz ferdinand concert which sold out in no time).

nicfit 06.06.2009 03:51 AM

Does anyone know if it's easy to get to the venue from Charleroi's airport? I don't feel like googlin' for directions now, but I might consider planning a in & out in 24h mission...

ruben 06.06.2009 04:03 AM


Originally Posted by nicfit
Does anyone know if it's easy to get to the venue from Charleroi's airport? I don't feel like googlin' for directions now, but I might consider planning a in & out in 24h mission...

Jup, very easy.
first, you take the shuttle bus from charleroi airport to charleroi station (5 minutes).
And then you can take the train from charleroi to brussels central (which is a five minute walk from the venue) . This'll take you an hour max (even less i think). And there are trains leaving for brussels like every 20 minutes.

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