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sonic sphere 07.13.2010 02:42 PM


Torn Curtain 07.13.2010 02:45 PM

The Smashing Pumpkins - Where Boys Fear to Tread (1996)

Antagon 07.13.2010 02:48 PM

The Frozen Autumn - Wait for nothing

Derek 07.13.2010 02:52 PM

richard youngs - sapphie

Antagon 07.13.2010 03:02 PM

Bleeding Nature - Boring Days

Ghostchase 07.13.2010 11:08 PM


a-p a. niemi 07.14.2010 02:49 AM


atsonicpark 07.14.2010 02:54 AM

Spice Girls

Dr. Eugene Felikson 07.14.2010 03:32 AM


Originally Posted by alteredcourse
Yummy, just like you.

How do you like it?

Semi-unrelated, "Fall Apart" is easily one of my most favorite songs.

Oh yeah, it's fuckin great! :)

a-p a. niemi 07.14.2010 03:34 AM


Book of Shadows & Lead Sister II: Cathedral of Junk - Austin, Texas March 16, 2008

Dr. Eugene Felikson 07.14.2010 04:25 AM


atsonicpark 07.14.2010 04:52 AM

^haha, nice. In that case, I'm listening to





Torn Curtain 07.14.2010 06:55 AM

The For Carnation - The Met Cafe, Providence, Rhode Island, USA, July 17, 1995 AUD (from dime)

Glice 07.14.2010 07:02 AM



Both recently given to me by the chap who runs lf records. The first is laptoppy noise, processing, from the guy out of Xulsigiae, and the latter is some chap from NZ processing sax + other sounds into some lovely drifty sleepy noise. Recommended.

noisereductions 07.14.2010 07:12 AM

Young Jeezy - Trap Or Die 2 ....pretty obsessed with this one lately.

sonic sphere 07.14.2010 07:44 AM


noisereductions 07.14.2010 08:30 AM

40 Oz To Freedom (on repeat)

Torn Curtain 07.14.2010 08:55 AM

Lali Puna - Ampère, Munich, Germany, 2010-05-28, DVB-S MP2 (from dime)

Derek 07.14.2010 09:00 AM


The Earl Of Slander 07.14.2010 09:22 AM

Mostly just watching the International Players Anthem video on semi-loop.

noisereductions 07.14.2010 10:21 AM


Derek 07.14.2010 10:51 AM


Pocahaunted - Island Diamonds

Dr. Eugene Felikson 07.14.2010 12:26 PM


The Earl Of Slander 07.14.2010 12:27 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions

It's too fucking good. Really need to get into UGK beyond a few singles. 'Ridin' Dirty' is getting bought as soon as I get some money in. I think I'm finally coming to wholeheartedly love the dirty south thing. Lately it's started to overtake my listening to the 'classic' east coast stuff, which has taken me by surprise. Too sick.



Which is freakin' MASTERPIECE.

Torn Curtain 07.14.2010 02:58 PM

Tori Amos - MTV unplugged (on youtube)

_slavo_ 07.14.2010 03:09 PM

Bordedoms - Super Seeee DVD

Ghostchase 07.14.2010 03:33 PM

Just finished listening to Cornelius' Point in 5.1

scott v 07.14.2010 03:36 PM




sonic sphere 07.14.2010 03:56 PM


blunderbuss 07.14.2010 03:57 PM


Originally Posted by scott v


Is that the 3 CD one? Is it as brilliant as I've always imagined it should be?

Dr. Eugene Felikson 07.14.2010 07:27 PM


Ghostchase 07.14.2010 08:11 PM


Dr. Eugene Felikson 07.14.2010 09:21 PM


ICP's freshest!

automatic bzooty 07.15.2010 01:26 AM

the zombies

the name does not suit 'em.

Dr. Eugene Felikson 07.15.2010 02:29 AM

^ Who's yo daddy? Is he rich like meeeee?

Personally, I've just been listening to this over, and over...while I smoke a bowl, and prepare for some Heaven Smile obliteration:

sonic sphere 07.15.2010 05:45 AM


TheFoxBen 07.15.2010 06:04 AM


sonic sphere 07.15.2010 03:40 PM


Derek 07.15.2010 03:54 PM

Hey look it's the soundtrack to Adam Cooley's new movie!

TheFoxBen 07.15.2010 04:31 PM


Originally Posted by Derek
Hey look it's the soundtrack to Adam Cooley's new movie!

Hahaha, I just read the plot and it sounds like the sickest shit ever made.

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