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sonic sphere 06.16.2006 07:19 AM

the very fabulous johnny cash

marleypumpkin 06.16.2006 10:26 AM

Too $hort

nomadicfollower 06.16.2006 10:34 AM


Everyneurotic 06.16.2006 03:09 PM


xtatika - tongue bath

PAULYBEE2656 06.16.2006 04:29 PM

^^^^^u like marcos???^^^^^

the hospitals
i visited the island of jocks n jazz

o o o 06.16.2006 04:37 PM


Unmade Bed 06.16.2006 04:40 PM

Right now:
Nels Cline Trio

Hip Priest 06.16.2006 05:23 PM

I'm on youtube again, this time checking out some classic Big Audio Dynamite.

finding nobody 06.16.2006 05:24 PM


HaydenAsche 06.16.2006 05:25 PM

Joy Division

Iain 06.16.2006 05:25 PM

Roy Montgomery - Silver Wheel of Prayer

krastian 06.16.2006 05:29 PM

FRED, the classic alternative channel on XM because the Yowth are nowhere to be found!!!

Mackle 06.16.2006 05:30 PM

Racebannon-First there was emptiness.

Going to see them on Sunday!

Iain 06.16.2006 05:44 PM

Are Racebannon any good Ciaran? They are playing here next week I think.

Listening to The Dark Spot by Kousokuya and Masayoshi Urabe

Mackle 06.16.2006 05:52 PM


Originally Posted by Iain
Are Racebannon any good Ciaran? They are playing here next week I think.

Yeh they're quite good. Like Wolf Eyes meets screamo hardcore stuff like La Quite/Funeral Diner with loads of intensity. Apparently they have just been totally destroying every audience they play to on this tour. Band they are playing with Battleship are really good as well.

Listening to Black Flag- Whos got the 10 1/2 now

Hip Priest 06.16.2006 06:02 PM


I'm gettin me some Hit the North vibes. Part 4 rules.

TheDom 06.16.2006 06:04 PM

Sonic Nurse.

I figured I'd give it and Experimental Jet Set another chance today, and so far I appreciate them bot ALOT more than I used to.

afterthefact 06.16.2006 06:55 PM

amps for christ - the begger's garden

bad bad mojo 06.16.2006 11:11 PM

The Violent Femmes - The Violent Femmes

CHOUT 06.16.2006 11:16 PM

My friend's stupid band.

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