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Signpost 05.31.2006 11:27 AM

Oneida - Happy New Year

Unmade Bed 05.31.2006 11:34 AM

Sonic Youth - Rather Ripped (I hope that I really get involved this time)

Trasher02 05.31.2006 11:37 AM

Rites of spring - The end of the end

krastian 05.31.2006 01:55 PM

Astros and Cardinals on ESPN

marleypumpkin 05.31.2006 01:59 PM

God I hope Albert Pujols shatters Barry's single season home-run record.

I can't stand that MF!

Anyway, The Boredoms- Live in Victoriaville, QC, 5/23/05

krastian 05.31.2006 02:40 PM

Yeah I'm all for Pujols breaking that's all a shame really. Only music rivals my life long sick obsession with baseball.

king_buzzo 05.31.2006 02:42 PM

you got it-mudhoney-bbc sessions

Savage Clone 05.31.2006 03:03 PM

Robbie Basho - The Grail and the Lotus

king_buzzo 05.31.2006 04:16 PM

mudhoney-hate the police

Everyneurotic 05.31.2006 05:33 PM

Animetal Laaaaaaady!!!!!

Hip Priest 05.31.2006 05:50 PM

Farces Wanna Mo - If Not Why Not? LP

porkmarras 05.31.2006 05:57 PM

Maureen Tucker-To know him is to love him

Hip Priest 05.31.2006 06:52 PM

Still listening to 'If Not Why Not?' by Farces Wanna Mo. I was just a bit bored, so I thought I'd give you a picture:


finding nobody 05.31.2006 06:56 PM


Originally Posted by porkmarras
Maureen Tucker-To know him is to love him

she was in the velvet undergound right? what's the solo stuff sound like?

marleypumpkin 05.31.2006 07:13 PM

The Band- "The Basement Tapes"

krastian 05.31.2006 10:46 PM


marleypumpkin 05.31.2006 10:48 PM

"Just don't let me fuck up will you.
'Cuz when I need a friend it's still you."
-Dino Jr.

krastian 05.31.2006 11:31 PM


marleypumpkin 05.31.2006 11:32 PM

Great live song. Always gets the crowd fucking psycho,

hey alex 05.31.2006 11:48 PM

loaded, fully loaded edition.

I've been on a vu kick since i leanred how to play candy says

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