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stu666 11.28.2008 09:42 AM


greedrex 11.28.2008 09:45 AM

jeez i'm pushing it; the kid is off on a good ol' nap for a couple of hours; so :


you know i own the best 5 Sepultura LPs and 4 Obituary LPs and those are the only metal / thrash / death LPs i will ever own and i listen to them about once every 5 years. I always consider throwing them away every once in a while, cuz the rest of my collection is so strong and "relevant" (as in "logical", and these are totally off the loop; but everytime i put them on, they remind me of my early teenage years; i didn't know any better, and wow you know good musicianship and energy; weird. This is music that absolutely DOESN't correspond to my tatstes AT ALL; but i can't resist, it really is powerful. especially the above LP. i found it horribly cheesy and redneck and yet i like it. Will i ever get rid of them so that my Cd collection eventually looks just RIGHT????!!!!! talk about guilty pleasure.

noisereductions 11.28.2008 10:13 AM


"If I'm being honest," some parts are kind of cool, but mostly meh.

sonic sphere 11.28.2008 11:06 AM

public enemy-greatest misses

stu666 11.28.2008 11:08 AM


Grouper / Inca Ore - Split

noisereductions 11.28.2008 11:17 AM

dammit, Stu! Listen to something I've heard of for once. :)

greedrex 11.28.2008 11:25 AM

^^ yes.

greedrex 11.28.2008 11:26 AM

^^ yes. actually i think Stu makes up these bandnames and cover atworks. They don't really exist.

punkaspoo 11.28.2008 11:53 AM


noisereductions 11.28.2008 11:53 AM

haha. Like this:


Vesper - I Will Not Try To Be Slick EP

al shabbray 11.28.2008 12:07 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
dammit, Stu! Listen to something I've heard of for once. :)


Originally Posted by greedrex
^^ yes. actually i think Stu makes up these bandnames and cover atworks. They don't really exist.

if you havent listen to grouper yet, I highly recommend it!!!!

one of the most beautiful songs eeeeevrrrrr

greedrex 11.28.2008 12:46 PM


Originally Posted by punkaspoo

of course

stu666 11.28.2008 02:02 PM


7 Year Rabbit Cycle - Ache Hornes

sonic sphere 11.28.2008 02:12 PM

silver jews-lookout mountain, lookout sea

pantophobia 11.28.2008 02:29 PM

was nick cave - firstborn is dead

now gonna be B-52s - wild planet on my way to work

uhler 11.28.2008 02:31 PM

nick cave and the bad seeds- the curse of millhaven

fugazifan 11.28.2008 02:53 PM

TFUL282-mother of all saints

uhler 11.28.2008 03:35 PM

sonic sphere 11.28.2008 04:03 PM

neil young-after the gold rush

uhler 11.28.2008 05:10 PM

raekwon- only built 4 cuban linx

that hip-hop thread got me listening to the classics again.

sonic sphere 11.29.2008 06:53 AM

public enemy-apocalypse 91...the enemy strikes black

_slavo_ 11.29.2008 07:05 AM

grouper - dragging a dead deer up a hill

RdTv 11.29.2008 07:40 AM


punkaspoo 11.29.2008 08:36 AM


SYRFox 11.29.2008 10:22 AM

I'm listening to a compilation I've just made for my grandmother - cause we're cool like that, yknow

(I ain't joking)


01. Animal Collective - Water Curses
02. Mahjongg - Problems
03. Women - Shaking Hand
04. Indian Jewelry - Too Much Honkytonking
05. Animal Collective - Leaf House
06. High Places - Namer
07. Boards Of Canada - Roygbiv
08. Out Hud - How Long
09. Gang Gang Dance - First Communion
10. Blood On The Wall - Sorry Sorry Sarah
11. No Age - Ripped Knees
12. Panda Bear - Im Not
13. Tortoise - Glass Museum
14. Gang Gang Dance - Egowar
15. Deerhunter - Heatherwood
16. Mogwai - I'm Jim Morrison, I'm Dead
17. Animal Collective - Safer

stu666 11.29.2008 10:37 AM


greedrex 11.29.2008 10:39 AM


sonic sphere 11.29.2008 11:39 AM

brian jonestown massacre-bringing it all back home again

Inhuman 11.29.2008 01:15 PM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere
silver jews-lookout mountain, lookout sea

I drink decaf coffee, two sugars and one cream.
You must spread SJ cred around before...etc

RdTv 11.29.2008 01:52 PM


sonic sphere 11.29.2008 03:04 PM

ramones-nyc 1978

Torn Curtain 11.29.2008 03:23 PM

The Cure - 4:13 dream

lechaoscestmoi 11.29.2008 03:24 PM


Torn Curtain 11.29.2008 04:41 PM

The Smiths - Louder than bombs

punkaspoo 11.30.2008 03:50 AM


a perfect album for wintery sunday mornings

Youth_Against_Facism 11.30.2008 04:48 AM


Derek 11.30.2008 06:14 AM

new john frusciante song

_slavo_ 11.30.2008 06:19 AM

goddamn, norah jones, rage against the machine and john frusciante.

al shabbray 11.30.2008 08:41 AM


asslong but still good

sonic sphere 11.30.2008 09:01 AM

public enemy-he got game

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