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atsonicpark 09.19.2008 02:15 PM

nothing. it sucks.

Torn Curtain 09.19.2008 02:33 PM

The Smiths - 1986-10-24, Brixton Academy, London, UK, speed corrected AUD (from dime)

batreleaser 09.19.2008 03:11 PM

bert jansch-collection

keiji and kk null-mamono
iron maiden-killers
doa-hardcore 81
naked raygun-throb throb
albert atler-live at the village vanguard
the adverts-one chord wonders
mindflayer-take your skin off
black pus 3
eat skull-sick to death
ornette coleman-ornette!
the controllers-neutron bomb
gorgoroth-the last tormentor
the who sell out
the birthday party-prayer on fire
guitar wolf-missile me

ive been listening to music, watching sopranos, smoking weed, making phone calls, and not sleeping since about 11 last night. kinda an awesome night considering it was spent alone.

RdTv 09.19.2008 04:08 PM


PAULYBEE2656 09.19.2008 05:26 PM


Derek 09.19.2008 05:59 PM


stu666 09.20.2008 10:22 AM

black dice
debaser, malmö, sweden
september 11, 2008

(from dime)

MellySingsDoom 09.20.2008 10:32 AM

The Runaways - Live In Japan

PAULYBEE2656 09.20.2008 10:34 AM


lechaoscestmoi 09.20.2008 10:41 AM


atsonicpark 09.20.2008 11:09 AM


sarramkrop 09.20.2008 11:11 AM

Midnight Movies

PAULYBEE2656 09.20.2008 11:58 AM

my daughters got control of the stereo so now at the moment its...

yay for me!

batreleaser 09.20.2008 12:09 PM


Originally Posted by noisereductions
I have yet to "get" grime. What am I missing?

it doesnt suck, not all of it. the first dizzee rascal record is prolly the immediate one everyone thinks about but fuck that. ive been getting into a lot of grime this year and some of it is reallllllllly groovy, all very bass heavy, theres no way you can hear it and not at least nod your head, and some of the mcs are word wizards. check out these;

shabba ranks-rappin wit the ladies, golden touch, just reality, best baby father
roll deep-in the deep end, rules and regulations, return of the big money sound
wiley (hes very mediocre and very inconsistent, but has put out some bangers)-treddin on thin ice, da 2nd phaze
trim-soul food volume 3 (unfuckingbelievable, prolly the only grime mc that has literally blown me away ghostface killah style, ultra street surrealistic surrealist metaphors mixed with the usual guns pussy and women memo in a very strange stream of concsiousness style and of course in traditional british cocknet dialect, over dub heaby rhythms and huuuuuuuuge bass beats, its like surrealist thug dancehall grime outrageous and phenomenal)
riko-the truth
lethal bizzle-against all oddz, back to bizzness
the plastician-beg to differ

and last but not least:

bug-london zoo (you may have heard of this, its been getting rave fucking reviews, the bug is kevin martin, who is the indsutrial hip hop genius from techno animal, ice, god, etc.. and this shit is very trippy hypnotic but massive british electronic dancehall music, the beats are some of the most insanly powerful things ive ever heard, and he got all the best grime mc's from around great britain. amazing album, and surely in my top 10 of all time. only grime record ive heard so far that ive really gotten obsessed over, the others i listened to once or twice and that was enough, but this album demands repeat listens, theres so much to discover everytime you hear it, i highly reccomend it)

well, there you go. id imagine you can appreiacte grime cuz u seem to dig a fair share of wierd hip hop music, and well, grime is the wierdest hip hop music.

o what am i listening to?

eat skull-sick to death (im obsessed with this band, there my fave rock band around right not for sure, besides maybe pink reason)
ghetto-2000 and life, ghetto gospel
lethal bizzle

lechaoscestmoi 09.20.2008 12:47 PM


Cantankerous 09.20.2008 12:48 PM


Originally Posted by Cantankerous
spinnerette - valium knights

this again.
i am sososo excited for the album

SYRFox 09.20.2008 12:59 PM


Everyneurotic 09.20.2008 01:53 PM


The Earl Of Slander 09.20.2008 02:12 PM

The WFMU live broadcast of ATP. Currently playing: Growing

I just hope I can stay awake for Polvo (I'm in the UK, so they come on at 3:30 AM)

lechaoscestmoi 09.20.2008 02:58 PM


al shabbray 09.20.2008 03:03 PM

sonic nurse

atsonicpark 09.20.2008 03:17 PM


SYRFox 09.20.2008 05:26 PM


al shabbray 09.20.2008 05:30 PM

tricky - for real
on repeat, never gets old

EMMAh 09.20.2008 05:43 PM

In the Orchard - Tiger Army

Derek 09.20.2008 05:53 PM


al shabbray 09.20.2008 06:05 PM

^^âwesome album / awesome cover

Derek 09.20.2008 06:16 PM


Slowdive - Pygmalion

stu666 09.20.2008 06:57 PM


Everyneurotic 09.20.2008 07:19 PM


MellySingsDoom 09.20.2008 07:35 PM

Various Artists - Come Organisation Anthology 1 (Currently listening to: Come "Come Sunday")

Pookie 09.20.2008 07:38 PM


Originally Posted by Pookie
Third listen in a row this morning for this. Short and sweet:



Originally Posted by atsonicpark
That looks interesting, p00kie.

It's not as interesting as it looks. The "drum battle" of the title takes up just one song, the rest is the Gene Krupa Trio live.

Excellent stuff though.

Everyneurotic 09.20.2008 08:24 PM


lechaoscestmoi 09.21.2008 07:47 AM


i don't really like surfer rosa, but this album is awesome.

Torn Curtain 09.21.2008 08:26 AM

Bert Jansch - July 8, 1978, Moraga Hall, Santa Cruz, California, SBD (from dime)

Everyneurotic 09.21.2008 11:18 AM


batreleaser 09.21.2008 11:19 AM


has anyone noticed that anal cunt is pretty much dadaist free noise with a sense of humour? everyone should love them.

SYRFox 09.21.2008 11:23 AM


Everyneurotic 09.21.2008 11:33 AM


Originally Posted by batreleaser


has anyone noticed that anal cunt is pretty much dadaist free noise with a sense of humour? everyone should love them.

"you're unbelievable" *chanchan-chanchunchnchanchuuuuuuuuuun* *blastbeat*.

now listening:


SYRFox 09.21.2008 12:42 PM



Right now:


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