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k-krack 12.28.2006 02:02 PM


Originally Posted by swa(y)
tv shit? are you serious?

My thoughts exactly. It's one of their worst releases, to be honest, regardless of how good the original No Song is.

I'm listening to 4 Tunna Brix

Signpost 12.28.2006 02:18 PM


finding nobody 12.28.2006 05:13 PM


It's that time again

pokkeherrie 12.28.2006 07:42 PM


Originally Posted by whorefrost
Just listened to TV Shit, my current SY favourite

I actually really like that one too... it used to be one of my early morning favourites on the discman. It wakes you up and gets you ready for the day like black coffee... and by the time it starts to get annoying it's over. Haven't listened to it in a couple of years though.

Right now I'm listening to the new Boris with Michio Kurihara. I hope it will be the last Boris release for this year, but there are still 3 days to go until 2007 so you just never know.

Norma J 12.28.2006 10:17 PM


Fugazi: Repeater + 3 songs.

RdTv 12.28.2006 11:03 PM

today at work:


and now its:

youthoftomorrow 12.29.2006 01:10 AM


k-krack 12.29.2006 01:48 AM

Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band- This Is Our Punk-Rock, Thee Rusted Satellites Gather + Sing

k-krack 12.29.2006 03:15 AM

Neutral Milk Hotel- On Avery Island (again!)

o o o 12.29.2006 04:27 AM

so this morning:

the second half of this one:


and then the first half of that one:


sonic sphere 12.29.2006 12:42 PM

johnny thunders-live @ the roxy, l.a. '87

Malachi_Constant 12.29.2006 01:02 PM

Neil Young & Crazy Horse- Cowgirl in the Sand

Iain 12.29.2006 01:25 PM


whorefrost 12.29.2006 05:46 PM


Originally Posted by swa(y)
tv shit? are you serious?

no, that was a lie

cryptowonderdruginvogue 12.29.2006 06:00 PM


cryptowonderdruginvogue 12.29.2006 06:00 PM


RdTv 12.29.2006 07:17 PM


Norma J 12.29.2006 09:37 PM

Sparta: Threes.

EMMAh 12.29.2006 09:40 PM


finding nobody 12.29.2006 10:33 PM


touch me i'm sick 12.29.2006 10:33 PM

pj harvey

samuel 12.29.2006 10:40 PM

"Antlers" -
The Microphones

Katy 12.30.2006 12:05 AM

Just tried to listen to 'Pulse Demon' by Merzbow.. on headphones.. in the depths of a cold dark winters night. I lost the will to exist after 15 seconds. Now listening to Lene Lovich 'Lucky Number'.

Just recently listened to a mighty fine rumbling booming bootleg of The Stooges 'Funhouse' show at the Hammersmith Apollo. Very happy to have finally heard a recording of that show (which was possibly my favourite show I've ever attended.)

Have been listening to 'In The Aeroplane Over The Sea' by Neutral Milk Hotel quite a lot the past few days... all floating in glass.

ithinkimissyou 12.30.2006 12:06 AM

The Conet Project - The Swedish Rhapsody

marleypumpkin 12.30.2006 02:25 AM


Originally Posted by hipster_bebop_junkie
The Melvins-Boss Hoss 7" Split Single. Hilarious stuff (Thanks, marleypumpkin!).

Hey, no problem. I'm glad yr enjoying it. I didn't think anyone downloaded it. I'm glad I posted that now.

Listening to:

Ciccone Youth - "The Whitey Album"

youthoftomorrow 12.30.2006 04:52 AM


Originally Posted by marleypumpkin
Hey, no problem. I'm glad yr enjoying it. I didn't think anyone downloaded it. I'm glad I posted that now.

i wasn't aware it had been posted. where oh where could it be found?

marleypumpkin 12.30.2006 05:05 AM

Kill Bill vol.1 (expanded edition)

Torn Curtain 12.30.2006 05:50 AM

Bauhaus - Press the eject and give me the tape

RdTv 12.30.2006 07:01 AM

Last night it was:


jon boy 12.30.2006 01:43 PM

symphony number 4 by glen branca.

Iain 12.30.2006 01:46 PM


Originally Posted by Katy
Now listening to Lene Lovich 'Lucky Number'.

Good record, I like that one a lot.

Listening to Cosmic Jokers at the moment but over the past day or so I have been mainly listening to the Country Teasers.

k-krack 12.30.2006 03:56 PM

explosions in the sky- how strange, innocence

sonicl 12.30.2006 04:00 PM

^ excellent!

Sugababes - Overloaded.

Trasher02 12.30.2006 04:14 PM

The Arcade Fire - Wake up

nicfit 12.30.2006 04:19 PM

explosions in the sky - all of a sudden i miss everyone

Dead-Air 12.30.2006 11:00 PM

Closed Circuit by Peter Jeffries

k-krack 12.31.2006 12:10 AM

Ahleuchatistas- What You Will

drrrtyboots 12.31.2006 12:13 AM


Originally Posted by nicfit
explosions in the sky - all of a sudden i miss everyone

As much as I hate when an album from a band i really admire leaks, i think its ok to test it out, especially if you might be seeing them on an upcoming tour or whatever.

HaydenAsche 12.31.2006 12:16 AM


...I Will Love This Love Forever.

finding nobody 12.31.2006 12:18 AM


Now: Beatles- Love

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