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!@#$%! 08.09.2006 01:38 PM

im in a coffee shop. you don't wanna know. some elevator music verion of what seems to be a disco-rock song... most mind-warping, i need to put some headphones one...

Savage Clone 08.09.2006 01:45 PM


Originally Posted by !@#$%!
former employer? you're no longer with the old record/poster store thing?

Laid off; not enough biz to keep us both employed. My employer had to cut his own salary besides laying me off, actually.
I'm not minding having the summer free though; not at all.
As for what I'm listening to:
Big Black - Lungs

Cantankerous 08.09.2006 02:12 PM

don't buy the VU s/t, it's not worth it.

gmku 08.09.2006 02:15 PM

Pay no attention to the Keefer lookalike behind the curtain. It is certainly worth it, if you're a VU fan.

Cantankerous 08.09.2006 02:15 PM

no it isn't.

gmku 08.09.2006 02:17 PM

is too

krastian 08.09.2006 03:25 PM


nomadicfollower 08.09.2006 03:43 PM


HairwayToSteven 08.09.2006 04:49 PM

Black Dice - Beaches & Canyons

Hip Priest 08.09.2006 06:12 PM


Originally Posted by Hip Priest
The mixtape I recieved in Pookie's game again. Now that I've put my review up I can just relax and enjoy it.


Originally Posted by gmku
In spite of Teenage Fanclub? Sorry, one of my guilty pleasures, that Bandwagonesque CD...

Of course. It was good to hear so much new stuff, and I liked most of it.

I'm online now (obviously), so I'm streaming some Fruchte des Zorns.

TheDom 08.09.2006 06:34 PM


Originally Posted by krastian

Fucking ace.

krastian 08.09.2006 06:40 PM

You know it.

EMMAh 08.09.2006 06:49 PM

I've been listening to insane amounts of PJ Harvey lately so I'm switching it up now and listening to Aus-Rotten.

Trasher02 08.10.2006 07:25 AM

Lou Reed - halloween parade

gmku 08.10.2006 09:12 AM

Turntable action last night w/

Blonde on Blonde

Exile on Main Street

Disc for the morning commute: Experimental Jet Set, Trash and No Star

krastian 08.10.2006 03:44 PM


Oh yeah.

finding nobody 08.10.2006 03:46 PM


my daily routine

Hip Priest 08.10.2006 04:18 PM


Cantankerous 08.10.2006 04:22 PM


TheDom 08.10.2006 04:29 PM


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