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sonic sphere 12.13.2006 07:59 AM

new york dolls-1st album

sonic sphere 12.13.2006 09:21 AM

love-forever changes

gmku 12.13.2006 09:49 AM


Originally Posted by sonic sphere
brian jonestown massacre-fire song

I'll be on the prowl for some jonestown today. What should I get?

gmku 12.13.2006 09:53 AM

Um, the bee gees suck...

DemonBox 12.13.2006 02:10 PM

You send me bluuuue valentines....

jon boy 12.13.2006 02:40 PM


Originally Posted by RdTv

i was listening to that earlier as well.

at the moment its complexion - sbhofm and earlier ashtray navigations new one.

thanks to moloney and todd for those you drunk bastards.

porkmarras 12.13.2006 02:43 PM


porkmarras 12.13.2006 04:27 PM


'And watch the world spinning,gently out of time..........'

finding nobody 12.13.2006 04:32 PM

Pauly Bee's Round 3 Mix Tape

k-krack 12.13.2006 04:36 PM

Flying Luttenbachers- Cataclysm

A Thousand Threads 12.13.2006 04:39 PM

it was

but now its

porkmarras 12.13.2006 06:00 PM


WHOREOHSCOPE 12.13.2006 06:33 PM


Cantankerous 12.14.2006 01:02 AM


marleypumpkin 12.14.2006 01:07 AM

The Band - "The Basement Tapes"

Inhuman 12.14.2006 01:13 AM

Inspectah Deck - The Resident Patient

Hey Marley! What's going on? Haven't seen you around for a while

marleypumpkin 12.14.2006 04:53 AM

Primus - "Sailing The Sea Of Cheese"

_slavo_ 12.14.2006 04:56 AM

rather watching than listening:


this live DVD just fucking blew my brains off.


Onani Nic 12.14.2006 05:32 AM

The Replacements- Let It Be

Now listenign to one of the best songs ever, ANSWERING MACHINE. Seriously amazing song.

RdTv 12.14.2006 08:10 AM

Cut Chemist - Audience is Listening

porkmarras 12.14.2006 08:34 AM


screamingskull 12.14.2006 08:37 AM


Hip Priest 12.14.2006 12:27 PM

1981's star band:


Inhuman 12.14.2006 02:00 PM


sonic sphere 12.14.2006 02:36 PM

johhny thunders-live & acoustic, osaka japan '91

screamingskull 12.14.2006 03:02 PM


Dead-Air 12.14.2006 10:09 PM

Currently: "Phantom Power" by TRS 80

Some quite decent drum 'n bass shit.

Norma J 12.14.2006 10:28 PM

Sonic Youth: Sister.

krastian 12.15.2006 02:21 AM


Originally Posted by swa(y)
how is this? outside of DNA and a couple live free noise showss ive obtained, the only SOLO material ive heard from arto is "salt". < which ive had a hard time getting into. i bought it maybe a year ago out of curiousity.

his guitar playing on it is very interesting however, kinda brazilian jazz accompanied with a electronic sorta backdrop/beat.

It's pretty good.....all of his solo albums kind of sound the same to me, but I still really like them.....very chill. They are good to listen to late at night.


davenotdead 12.15.2006 02:43 AM

krastian, it better than Taiga?

me listening to=


krastian 12.15.2006 03:02 AM

Nah, I don't think so......that Monk/Coltrane set rules.

noisemachine 12.15.2006 03:19 AM

Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs

RdTv 12.15.2006 05:45 AM


sonicl 12.15.2006 06:37 AM

Destroyed Room.

Thomas Moronic 12.15.2006 07:16 AM

Right this second I'm listening to early REM.

o o o 12.15.2006 09:01 AM


Originally Posted by RdTv


i really love the song "hello good child" on that one... good album.

last thing i heard:


Florya 12.15.2006 03:59 PM

Right now I'm listening to 'The best mixes from the album 'Debut', for all the people who don't but white labels' by Bjork.

Next up will be 'Love Devotion Surrender' by Carlos Santana and Mahavishnu John McLaughlin

sun city girl 12.15.2006 04:53 PM

john coltrane - untitled original 90320

k-krack 12.15.2006 04:54 PM

Arcade Fire's new song!

gmku 12.15.2006 04:58 PM

Right now, I'm listening to the sound my teeth make crunching Doritos Cool Ranch. It sounds like footsteps in deep, new snow.

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