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Katy 07.03.2006 11:50 PM

"Tous les Garcons et les Filles"

vasanum 07.04.2006 12:07 AM

rachel's - systems/layers

krastian 07.04.2006 12:08 AM


Originally Posted by Saturnine
pretty vacant!

My bands tears that song up....been playin' it since I was 13.


terminal pharmacy 07.04.2006 12:22 AM

hi god people - play to the temple of depth (great aussie experimentalists playing with sonic youth in melbourne this month)

sprawl 07.04.2006 03:14 AM


this, and rather ripped has been making it's well as:


Tokolosh 07.04.2006 03:34 AM

I'm starting the morning with relaxed stuff.


sonic sphere 07.04.2006 09:44 AM

the bluetones 1st album-pretty good

toxic johnny 07.04.2006 10:05 AM


On glorious vinyl...

against_the_grain 07.04.2006 09:46 PM

I Don't Ever Want to Come Down

The 13th Floor Elevators

m^a(t)h 07.04.2006 10:40 PM

sigur ros ( )

Пятхъдесят Шест 07.04.2006 10:57 PM

The Residents - Eskimo

finding nobody 07.05.2006 01:04 AM

i listened to this a whole bunch today

krastian 07.05.2006 02:24 AM


Collections I and II

krastian 07.05.2006 02:40 AM


We're humble but don't mistake us for some corny ass group.

Tokolosh 07.05.2006 02:54 AM


krastian 07.05.2006 02:56 AM

We're not balling, or shot calling
We take it back to the days of yes y'all-in'
We holding onto what's golden
*On a stage I rage and I'm rollin'*

krastian 07.05.2006 02:56 AM

We been friends for a long time, a very close friend of mine
Love you like you was mine, but respect a thin line
I love you like you was mine, think about you all the time
Very close friend of mine, but respect a thin line

sonic sphere 07.05.2006 04:03 AM

johnny thunders & the heartbreakers-like a motherfucker. i can't praise it highly enough! go and get it now

sonic sphere 07.05.2006 04:36 AM

stooges-return to new york

cryptowonderdruginvogue 07.05.2006 04:41 AM

the new mars volta song that just got leaked

"asilos magdalena"

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