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LittlePuppetBoy 01.05.2007 01:55 PM

left or right?
politically speaking...which do you find yourself belonging to?

I'm more of the political left, but not extremely politically left. I am a bit conservative in some areas though (age of consent should be high, legal drinking age).

SynthethicalY 01.05.2007 02:01 PM

I am a conservative with left wing values.

Grete 01.05.2007 02:02 PM


compulsive diarrhea, jico 01.05.2007 02:02 PM


DemonBox 01.05.2007 02:14 PM

far left.

jon boy 01.05.2007 02:15 PM

left but not to the point where i become right if you know what i mean. i have a sense of humour and common sense left.

Inhuman 01.05.2007 02:39 PM

Left. Not very left. Just left. I'd like to keep walking left. And be less right.

Destroy Rock 'n' Roll 01.05.2007 04:40 PM



fishmonkey 01.05.2007 04:41 PM

left handed anyways
could'nt give a fuck about politics.

cryptowonderdruginvogue 01.05.2007 04:43 PM

god is always right


nature scene 01.05.2007 05:32 PM

libertarian, classical liberal, whatever you want to call it. not Left, not Right.

EMMAh 01.05.2007 05:38 PM

I'm pretty far left.

compulsive diarrhea, jico 01.05.2007 05:55 PM

far left

far right

Bastian 01.06.2007 05:44 AM

I considered myself to be left for a long time, but nowadays, I don't believe in the whole left/right thing anymore. It's all identity bullshit. "I'm left". "I'm right".. and what does that tell me about someone? Next to nothing, because the words can mean so many different, antithetic things.

Also, parts of the radical left are pretty close to nazi ideology, especially so called 'anti-imperialsts', so fuck all this. Don't be "left" or "right", but rather be for or against certain politics or ideas.

Here's an interesting text critical of the left, or what has become of it:


Farewell to Anti-Fascism:
The Left Subscribes Increasingly to Far Right Slogans

Anyone who places the pamphlets of the Left anti-globalisers and the neo-Nazis side by side will immediately detect much overlap. The slogans of both movements are increasingly not only similar, but identical. "Work, not profit!" is the catch cry of the German neo-Nazis. Horst Mahler, an anti-Western activist who moved from the Leftist Red Army Faction to the neo-Nazi Party, typifies the Left-Right convergence. He declared The Globalisation Trap, the cult book of the anti-globalisers, "a must read". He opined: "The enemy of all peoples of the world is an octopus of anonymously, globally interwoven speculative capital." That might also be read on any of the handbills produced by the Attac mob. If the anti-Western movements of the Left and the Right were to integrate, they would not need to change their course. Both already use indiscriminately any ideological line that can be used against free trade, open borders, America and Israel. [..]

[..] Their shared values are not confined to social and economic policy. "For peace! Against US wars!" could be read on last year's election campaign posters of the neo-Nazis. Both wings, however, confined their love of peace to attacking Western military actions. By contrast, they display deep sympathy for Islamic terror. Exactly like the neo Nazis, many on the Left consider terror as a defence of the Islamic-Arab identity against Western capitalism and cultural imperialism. Oskar Lafontaine wants to grant the clerico-fascist regime of the Iranian mullahs a right to nuclear weapons, since Israel also has such weapons. The fact that Iran wants to wipe out Israel, and not vice versa, does not seem to faze them.

Here's the Euston Manifesto, which offers some good ideas to reform the left and overcome a lot of the things there are criticized in the above link d=38

Tokolosh 01.06.2007 06:30 AM


Originally Posted by cryptowonderdruginvogue
god is always right


How the fuck does religion fit into politics?

That's one of the major problems with a lot of voters. They keep bringing god into the picture.

Don't wanna pick on you, but that's a dumbass post crypto.

ps: And don't tell that you were joking!

sonic sphere 01.06.2007 07:35 AM

left. but not that left!

James Blonde 01.06.2007 09:01 AM

James Blonde stands alone.

val-holla-ing 01.06.2007 11:31 AM

not too far left, because i hate hippies.

far enough, though.

porkmarras 01.06.2007 11:47 AM

Far out.

Pookie 01.06.2007 11:54 AM


Originally Posted by val-holla-ing
not too far left, because i hate hippies.

far enough, though.

Hippies weren't left wing.


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