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sergisonic 11.14.2011 05:06 PM

sonic youth sao paolo streaming!

stu666 11.14.2011 05:11 PM

please record this! It doesn't seem to work for me...

hirsute_biped 11.14.2011 05:11 PM

watching this now, can't figure out if it's live streaming or archived. Teenage Riot is first song I've seen. Audio is messed up, has weird flutter interferance.

stu666 11.14.2011 05:12 PM

I guess it doesn't work in the UK?

knox 11.14.2011 05:24 PM

it's live the show just ended, teenage riot was the last song.
btw is it too much to ask to spell sao paulo correctly? tks

hirsute_biped 11.14.2011 05:32 PM

I guess I just caught the last song, T.Riot w/ epic noise ending, Lee making guitar/camera contact, Thurston wrestling guitar half on half hanging off edge of stage, T/L guitar swordfight (always a favorite of mine), w/ Kim in front of them pounding her bass on the stage, good shots of Steve bouncing cymbols or metal discs onto and off of his floor tom, Mark on bass amp drone. Kim left stage while others still making noise, Thuston guitarless sitting on drum riser for a little while, smacks Mark as if to say "it's time to leave", and they're off. No indication whether or not this was the last show for them. Hopefully someone recorded it, maybe someone in country. Audio was messed up for me, maybe cuz I'm in a different continent. I just checked the board randomly while at school and caught the tail end of their set, Primus is on now. Wish I saw more, wish we had more advance notice of a stream. Glad I caught what I did. A big part of me thinks this will not be the way they go out, but who knows.

knox 11.14.2011 05:38 PM

There was an indication because he said something like "can't wait to come back here". Performance was a bit meh, but still better than most in this festival.

hirsute_biped 11.14.2011 05:46 PM

I think it was something more like "I can't wait to see you guys again", which is ambiguous as far as ongoing band activity goes, and offhanded stage banter is nothing to go by really.

stu666 11.14.2011 05:55 PM

I feel sick

knox 11.14.2011 05:56 PM

Primus is being pretty good.

However, the Brazilian press was told they wouldn't ever record as Sonic Youth again. But sometimes they make things up.

sergisonic 11.14.2011 06:07 PM


Originally Posted by knox
it's live the show just ended, teenage riot was the last song.
btw is it too much to ask to spell sao paulo correctly? tks

do you mean like this?

S o P a u l o

knox 11.14.2011 06:13 PM

yes, but at least do the paulo
as in paula

stu666 11.14.2011 06:15 PM

knox 11.14.2011 06:18 PM

of course the no sun and constant rain didn't help.

nicfit 11.14.2011 06:19 PM

I just had a thought and an infinite loop of "fu*k-fu*k-fu*k" got installed in my brain. Hope I'll have reasons to forget about that thought.
will click tomorrow, stu.

knox 11.14.2011 06:26 PM

what nicfit? i don't get it.

hirsute_biped 11.14.2011 06:34 PM


Originally Posted by stu666

Awesome, hope there is more where that came from. Nice Brave Men Run/Death Valley '69 medley. Dunno about that wird unison sliding riff inserted in Brave Men though. Pretty intense vocals on DV'69, must be working off some steam.

stu666 11.14.2011 06:39 PM

EVOLghost 11.14.2011 07:20 PM

oh noes.

stu666 11.14.2011 07:59 PM

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