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pad_023 01.03.2013 01:22 PM

the constantly-bumped "great releases of 2013" thread
I know it is only the 3rd but I thought i'd start the '2013' thread

I really enjoyed listening to Broadcast's Berberian Sound Studio earlier.
It has a similar vibe to Investigates Witch Cults of the Radio Age so fans of that will definitely enjoy this one.


It is available to stream here

Severian 01.03.2013 10:28 PM

I fucking love Broadcast. I have for some time, but rarely meet anyone who shares my enthusiasm. I don't have the album yet, but it should be arriving shortly. Haven't listened to a second of it. I'm going to treat it like a late Xmas present.

pad_023 01.09.2013 03:15 PM


Roy Montgomery's Music from the Film Hey Badfinger.

Fictional soundtrack to a movie about the band. It's great this guy is releasing stuff again. I have always really his stuff whether it be solo or with The Pin Group/Dadamah.

hipster_bebop_junkie 01.09.2013 11:11 PM

Really excited about "Peter Brötzmann -Long Story Short", a 5 CD boxset documenting Music Unlimited Festival 2011, curated by Peter Brötzmann; including recordings of performances by Full Blast, Hairy Bones, Chicago Tentet, Keiji Haino, Caspar Brötzmann Massaker, Okkyung Lee with Xu Fengxia & Michiyo Yagi, and a lot more awesomeness...

Mortte Jousimo 01.10.2013 02:40 AM

John Parish: Screenplay

I really wait this!

sy2004 01.11.2013 01:06 AM

Palm Desert - Rotten Village Sessions (Stoner)
Traumahelikopter - Traumahelikopter (Garage Rock, sort of Cramps-like)

Severian 01.11.2013 10:22 PM

Yo La Tengo, Broadcast, and Low (yes, I listened to it) are early front runners.

batreleaser 01.17.2013 08:24 PM

I like the new Widowspeak a lot.

hirsute_biped 01.18.2013 12:16 AM

Hopefully the new Black Sabbath album 13 featuring 3/4 original members to be released in June is worthy of the original lineup's output.

pad_023 02.04.2013 12:22 PM


New Robedoor is pretty rad.

hirsute_biped 02.04.2013 04:02 PM

This is pretty great. I've just got this and their first LP and early 7 inches within the last few weeks. This new one has some Morricone-like parts, which sort of related to the Broadcast record mentioned above (which I havn't heard yet) though I suspect the soundtracks they are referencing are quite different. Also, gotta love Thrill Jockey's policy of posting full track length streams for every release.

Fender just released a new version of the Fender Bass VI guitar, which was unavailable for a long time and very high priced on the collectors market, and which is played all over these records, for a non-outlandish price (still too much for yours truly at the moment). Coincidence? So want one of those...


SYRFox 02.05.2013 04:56 PM

the new faltydl is pretty good. thought it was a letdown at first but eventually it feels like a solid album.
ben ufo's fabriclive mix is amazing as well but that's not surprising considering the permanent quality of his sets

Mortte Jousimo 02.06.2013 04:31 AM

There is coming another "new" Hendrix album:

EvdWee 02.06.2013 07:17 AM

pissed jeans - honeys

batreleaser 02.13.2013 06:16 PM

Pissed Jeans dissapointed me a little.

More stuff I like

Goth Babies-Goth Dammit
Night SLugs Allstars compilation vol 2
The Underacheivers-Indigoism
Culta of Luna-Vertikal
Le1f-Fly Zone
MBX duh
Actress-Silver EP
Unknown Mortal Orchestra-II
Grouper-The Man Who Died in his Boat
Fidlar S/T
Foxygen-We are the 21st Century Embassadors
Ex Cops-True Halluciations(shout out to Josh from Other Music solid dude)
A$AP Rocky-Live Long A$AP
Grave Babies-Crusher

going to keep more on top of this this year

SpaceCadetHayden 02.13.2013 09:37 PM

le1f, grouper, new toro, julia brown, antique pony, whatever

pad_023 02.14.2013 10:31 AM


New Hookworms is sounding good, first new British band to emerge in a while where I have been really excited by their stuff.

batreleaser 02.14.2013 08:10 PM

Damn there are a few good tracks on the new Pissed Jeans though. "Health Plan" rips

Keeping It Simple 02.15.2013 10:35 AM


h8kurdt 02.20.2013 02:19 PM


How do they keep releasing such great albums?

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