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automatic bzooty 04.16.2009 11:05 AM

Yeah, if that's how it works everywhere, I'm not even gonna bother...

blunderbuss 04.16.2009 11:06 AM

Nah, it's only Rough Twat that are running a tombola.

stu666 04.16.2009 11:16 AM


Bertrand 04.16.2009 02:31 PM

Rough Trade opening at 10am, finding out at 4pm?
6 hours to wait for the 7" to be handed out?
They're out of their heads?
It is wonderfully ridiculous.
Unless they've opened a room for the fans to wait for the results, with chocolate bars galore, whisky, soda, Aston Villa-West Ham on TV, lots of ashtrays for the nervous ones and the occasional nurse popping in to say "it's a boy"?

Kloriel 04.17.2009 08:59 AM

how are we going to figure out who is who

Kosako 04.17.2009 12:11 PM

Can anyone upload it? thanks

radarmaker 04.17.2009 12:29 PM

I was speaking to the guy in RPM Newcastle last week about how they were going to handle it, and he wasn't 100% sure but thought it'd be along the lines of "3 Record Store Day purchases per customer", to prevent the first couple of people from buying up everything. I'm planning on getting there for 9am sharp anyway, and will try a couple of the other stores afterwards too...

floatingslowly 04.17.2009 12:32 PM

4 pages and not a single "beck sucks". you people disappoint me. I'm looking for new upstairs neighbors.

beck sucks.

Derek 04.17.2009 01:24 PM

beck sucks.

blunderbuss 04.17.2009 01:27 PM

sex bucks

Rob Instigator 04.17.2009 01:27 PM

I hope Beck covers Thurston in adulation and praise and that Thurston covers Beck in three gallons of slurry shit from a near-dead syphilitic whore.

Beck sucks.

Rob Instigator 04.17.2009 01:28 PM

this is rembrandt painting showing beck sucking the balls of thurston moore to try and draw out some form of "quality" .

Danny Himself 04.17.2009 02:54 PM

You're all philistines. Beck is- or at least was- a great artist.

Rob Instigator 04.17.2009 03:12 PM

beck was "great" like buckcherry was "hard"

automatic bzooty 04.17.2009 03:24 PM

buckcherry isn't even worthy of suckin' thurston's cock, though. beck, however, is.

Vampire Voltage 04.17.2009 03:27 PM

Since Beck sucks so bad, I took my time to let you all know that had a limited edition of 100 pressed (not the same pressing of the 2500) for sale at 4.99 a piece today. But they are all sold out now to Beck fans.

floatingslowly 04.17.2009 03:30 PM

Beck fans suck.

automatic bzooty 04.17.2009 03:32 PM

... so, uh, thanks for the advance warning? :P

automatic bzooty 04.17.2009 03:33 PM

also: i am a beck fan. i do not suck. yr theory is incorrect.

Danny Himself 04.17.2009 03:41 PM

Theyz all jus' jealous.

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