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batreleaser 07.29.2008 12:54 PM

top 10 favorite noise/harsh noise/power electronics artists
very difficuilt to narrow down. to edge out the possinilities, ill lay out some rules as to what noise is in this thread, and what applies.

1. no noise rock. noise rock, even st its most dissonant, is still rock music, and therefore not noise, so i dont want anyome giving answers like chrome, lightning bolt, royal trux, and obviously, boredoms.
2. we shall only use bands/artists who operate in noise 100 percent of the time. for example, if we were going to name artists who have a sound that is very reminescent of noise, or maybe has noise as a part of its sound, cock esp, borbetomagus, caroliner, and to live and shave in la would all be on my list. but these bands dont strictly make noise, cock esp mixes noise, punk, concrete, free jazz, 80s metal, and electronica, borbetomagus is free noise-jazz, caroliner is industrial folk/experimental noise
etc.. also, many of us would put keiji haino on our lists, but what makes haino so great is he makes noise, noise rock, psychedelia, psychedelic folk, etc.. no keiji.
3. some genres get lumped in with noise, but arent completley so, bands such as these will be omitted. im talking drone, ambient drone, and dark ambient mainly. all these genres are based on sound, loud, occasionally scary, and more often than not, electronic, like noise, but they arent noise.

ok, so we will only include artists who we are 100 percent positive are either noise or power electronics, this will make the choices easier and hopefully avoid unwanted arguements as to who is/isnt noise.

ok, thats my percocett induced spiel, and heres my list (subject to change):
1. masonna
2. whitehouse
3. smegma
4. kevin drumm
5. the gerogerigegege
6. merzbow
7. emil beaulieau
8. the incapacitants
9. violent onsen geisha
10.the haters

Rob Instigator 07.29.2008 12:58 PM

They all suck shit and get deadly boring after ten minutes.

I'd rather listen to cantankerous fart

or just go outside and listen to the true NOISE of the world around you, especially on a large city street.

I own several noice records and I have never heard any of them more than once. It's just me. I like some structure, like lightning bolt or borbbetomagus or what lee ranaldo's solo albums have, where even though it is not a standard structure, you can see progression and the piece of music is whole in an of itself.

Toilet & Bowels 07.29.2008 02:03 PM

the new blockaders
kevin drumm

i think that most people are going to have fairly similar lists because most of this kind of music is extraordinarily generic

Rob Instigator 07.29.2008 02:06 PM

it just seems
too hard to classify an artist or band as pure NOISE I think.

Savage Clone 07.29.2008 02:09 PM

Smegma isn't a noise band.

batreleaser 07.29.2008 02:09 PM

the noises arund us are bice enough, but they dont qualify sorry.

batreleaser 07.29.2008 02:10 PM


Originally Posted by Savage Clone
Smegma isn't a noise band.

experimental psychedelic noise

and hear comes the debating

Savage Clone 07.29.2008 02:12 PM


Originally Posted by batreleaser
experimental psychedelic noise

and hear comes the debating

You were the one who set the standards and criteria, and they don't even come close. Certainly by your own criteria above, Cock ESP would be ten times more a "noise" act than Smegma; they have certainly released a million "pure noise" albums and existed in that world for many years before branching out. Smegma is an improv group.

batreleaser 07.29.2008 02:19 PM

whatever dude, as far as i can tell smegma is an improv group, but they make noise, and all thier albums are noise, and they have never existed outside of noise, and are a gigantic influence on contemporary noise, cock has made records with rock sounds, jazz sounds, whatever. i didnt say improv can not be included. i cant be bothered about smegma right now.

if it helps any i knew smegma was gonna raise some eyebrows, but nonetheless they are and always will be noise to these ears.

EyeballGrowth 07.29.2008 03:06 PM

Merzbow. How do you people listen to this crap? Seriously. A guy making screeching feedback on a laptop, cuts it up and labels each as a seperate song. Wow

atsonicpark 07.29.2008 03:13 PM

You listed all the major ones I really like, I'd put Mammal on there somewhere.

batreleaser 07.29.2008 04:12 PM


Originally Posted by EyeballGrowth
Merzbow. How do you people listen to this crap? Seriously. A guy making screeching feedback on a laptop, cuts it up and labels each as a seperate song. Wow

youre missing the point. anyways, just because you dont like it, doesnt mean your opinion is the end all authority on the matter. its an opinion, and i respect your opinion, but to call something crap on account of you not understanding it is rather absurd. bottomline, merzbow is a legend, and as close to a 'noise genius' as possible, and hes raised the bar for extremities in electronics and sound art for over 20 years, and his music is far more than as you describe.

batreleaser 07.29.2008 04:14 PM


Originally Posted by atsonicpark
You listed all the major ones I really like, I'd put Mammal on there somewhere.

mammal is one of the best current noise artists for sure. one of his records, cant remember which, but it had like honest to god hip hop beats and scratch type sounds. i thoght that was ballsy, as theres been hip hop artists who have fucked around with noise (public enemy, kevin martin, dalek, etc...), but never the other way around. it sounded way cool too.

SYRFox 07.29.2008 04:19 PM

Mouthus is my favorite band in that genre. By far. Really far.

fugazifan 07.29.2008 05:45 PM

i think that i decided that i like noise more when its a means rather than an end. like in early animal collective records, they incorporate noise, but then that have acoustic guitars play over it.
grsanted ii love some noise sometimes, like mezbow every once and a while or borbetomagus, but i'd rather hear noisy stuff that has other stuff going on
btw does burning star core count?
cause his albums with hotogotoisu especially the 1st one is amazing.
and monosodic rocks my sox off

Everyneurotic 07.29.2008 05:53 PM

violent onsen geisha is not noise.

ah let's see, this week:

-ahzalgehzagul (or however you spell it)
-atrax morgue
-testicle hazard (or any lasse projects)
-sewer goddess
-blood stereo

Sheriff Rhys Chatham 07.29.2008 07:16 PM

I still wonder why freejazz isn't considered noise.

Everyneurotic 07.29.2008 07:36 PM

borbetomagus are free jazz and considered noise.

Glice 07.29.2008 07:43 PM

Fire jazz, surely? Remember, ridiculous jazz genres didn't finish with free.

Glice 07.29.2008 07:45 PM

Oh, and for whatever it's worth, our thread's progeniteur [sp?] is talking about noise the genre, not noise the adjective. As such I'll agree with whichever list whatever Herr & Bowels listed, because he's not a cock but still likes this music.

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